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    LG Cosmos 2 Screen Issues


      Brand new phone, traded in my beat up, non-functional Chocolate Touch 2 for it today. 

      And the screen. Is no longer working. It is just flat white. I'm assuming it's a physical problem with the phone and not a software issue, but I'm posting here to see if anyone else has had this problem and if there's a fix aside from returning the thing.



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          We are having the same problem with the LG Cosmos 2 screen.  We have only had the phone for 2 months and the screen has stopped working.  The problems began when we turned it on a couple of times and the picture on the screen was flipped / backwards.  Now, when we power it up, we can hear the startup tone, and the screen brightens, but that is all.  No picture, no graphics, nothing.  At times, it will lighten and then darken, over and over.  We have not dropped it, not had any water in it, and no sand or dirt.  We have taken the battery out 3 times, but it does not fix the problem.  I am so not looking forward to sending it in for help from the Verizon warranty support company.  I cannot even call it customer service because the company that is used has no customer service.  And it took 5 weeks last time.  Such a joke.  Not to mention that a month or two later, the same problem came up again on the phone (not an LG Cosmos).

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            I'm sorry to hear that the screen on your LG Cosmo 2 is not functioning correctly. I'll be happy to assist you.


            Has there been any physical or liquid damage on your phone? If not, then we can replace your phone at no cost to you as long as you're still within the 1 year manufacturer warranty (2 years if you added the extended warranty). Once we have done all the appropriate troubleshooting and determined its a defect we will replace the phone with a Certified Like-New device of the same model. 


            If you added insurance and are not within the warranty or there is damage on the device you can file an insurance claim to have the phone replaced. All you would be responsible for is the deductible. Click here for additional information on the insurance and how to file a claim. 


            Please send me a private message with your name and mobile number so I may access your account and see what options are available to you.