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    OZMAIL Resolution


      I'm sure this isn't the first post out here about the OZMAIL text messages but I believe I've figured out the true cause and how to fix it.


      I've had the Samsung Droid Charge since June.  I've been receiving the text messages on and off for the last 3 weeks.  I came to the forums to find a solution.  I've tried everything that was listed here and then some.  I called a tech tuesday and they transferred me to a level 2 tech which was able to correct the problem for a week but then it came back.  After 3 calls and talking to 3 different level 2 techs, I believe I understand what's causing the issue.

      First off the OZMAIL text message is not an issue.  You've been getting them all the time but your phone isn't interpreting what to do with them correctly. The notion that it's happening because you had an old email enabled phone and then upgraded to a smartphone is the root cause is incorrect.  In any email app you download and install from the market, when you add an email account to it and then turn notifications on or off, that turns on the notification/alerts in verizons ozmail system letting it know to check for emails and when you get an email, the ozmail system sends a message to your phone to alert you that you got a new email. Your phone is misinterpreting that message as a text message.  It's supposed to intercept the message and alert you that you have a new email, not pop up a text message.


      How did I come to the conculsion that it wasn't due to having an old email enabled phone?  Before I had a smart phone, I never used the email or internet on my other phones so there's no way I would have had email accounts set up to even set up the notifications.  The first tech I talked to told me that I had 4 email accounts in the OZMAIL system set up with notifications turned on...that happened to correspond with the 4 accounts I had set up in the default email app on my droid charge.  Anyway they turned the notifications off in their system and I didn't receive an ozmail notification for a few days but during that time, my phone wasn't letting me know I had new email either.  I ended up changing one of my email addresses due to changing isps and when I added my new email address and deleted the email address from my isp, I started getting the ozmail messages everytime I got an email, again because I had turned on notifications for my new email address in the default samsung charge email app.  I called verizon and was transferred to another level 2 tech and he told me that in their OZMAIL admin app he saw that I had 1 account set up for notifications and alerts.  When I asked him what the email address was, he told it to me and it happened to be the new one I just created, so that alone proves that it has nothing to do with having an old email enabled smartphone.


      To the issue as to why was I getting a text message everytime I got an email?  3 weeks ago I was reading a Top 25 android app article and it mentioned gosmspro as being the top sms app.  I had been using handcent for the last few years on my smartphones so I figured I'd give gosmspro a shot.  It was about that time that I started getting the OZMAIL text messages.  What I believe is happening is that when the phone is getting that message sent from verizon to let it know that I got an email, gosms is interpreting it as a text message and displaying it instead of intercepting it and sending the notification to the droid email app like it should.  I uninstalled gosmspro and sent about 10 emails to each account I had registered and not one ozmail text message.  Instead I was getting the notifications in the top bar telling me that I had a new email as it should have.  I installed gosmspro again and in my email app turned off the notifications and I did not receive an ozmail message.  Turned on the notifications in the email app and received them again.  I was able to stop them on my own.  I uninstalled gosmspro with notifications on and did not receive an ozmail message again.


      In my case I found the issue to be my sms app interpretting the message sent from verizon incorrectly and displaying it as a text message.  I can't remember if I ever got one while having handcent installed.  If you love gosms and can live without getting notified when you have an email, then by all means, call verizon and have them turn off email notifications in the OZMAIL app.  That will definitely get rid of the ozmail text messages that your sms app is interpreting incorrectly.  If you want email notifications, then I suggest uninstalling gosms or any 3rd party sms app and go with the default one and notify the sms apps of the problem so that they can work with verizon to understand the correct architecture.


      Anyway that's all I have, I hope this helps someone.

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          Thank you Dlcj21.  That is the kind of detailed info we need.  Also a second thank you for the very nice log descriptive post.  Good job.  One of the Verizon folks should give you a BOTB award!  I gave you a KUDO.



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            I feel bad about not saying anything. I remember reading about the ozmail problem because I had the same issue. About a week and a half ago I decided to pull my twitter, facebook, gosms until problem went away. The go sms was my problem also. What was funny was if I used my head I got an ozmail on each incoming text. Obvious other than I kept thinking it was a mail problem because of the ozmail name and online forum answers.


            PS. Nice post.

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              I'm getting more $@^%#^ing OZMAIL texts than I care to count every day, at all hours of the day.


              And I've NEVER had a 3rd party SMS or email app installed on my Charge.  Ever.


              Please.  Help me.  I'll try anything at this point to stop these d*mned things.  I'm honestly to the point that I'm ready to just say "To h*ll with it." and turn off SMS completely.



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                Thank you for this reply. I've been trying to get rid of these for MONTHS. I've spent hours on the phone with tech support and no one has  a clue at Verizon how to stop them. They gave up when I got to the manager.


                I never had email or a smart phone before, so I know that wasn't the issue.


                For someoen like me who doesn't know all the tech stuff (but I can learn) -- can you explain what I need to do. Yes, I read your msg but I don't know what these things are or where to find them. (wishing I had read this yesterday when my brother was visiting!).


                I don't get them with every email, but I do get them almost everyday. I don't have unlimited msgs so it can be an issue.


                How do I know or change if I have gosmspro or gosms?  I have a Samsung Charge if that helps. 

                Thank you so much for the help. These texts annoy me so much. I'm ready to call Verizon's tech support manager and tell them to read your post! 

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                  The Ozmail messages are simply application level notifications for an E-mail service subscribed


                  There are three seperate issues that can lead to receiving Ozmail messages


                  1) Using Email on one device then switching to a device with no mail application. To rectify this simply  REPLY TO THE TEXT MESSAGE and it will stop the notifications.

                  2) Coming from another carrier where E-mail was used and keeping the same number To rectify this simply REPLY TO THE TEXT MESSAGE

                  3) An over the Top SMS application is intercepting the notifications and presenting them as SMS. To rectify this simply Uninstall the over the top application and replace with one that handles SMS properly.

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                    I receive ozmail on my LG revolution 4g.  I do not use this said samsung gosms alien ware you speak of.  But I will say I use an app called textSecure that encrypts text messages and creates a special PW for accessing my text messages on the phone.  Anyway once I started using this app I started gettting the ozmails. 


                    Ergo; Ozmail may be a more wide spread issue relating to 3rd party apps that circumvent the preinstalled phone core elements...in this case specifically the sms system. 


                    However, since this issue seems to be specifically related to Verizon, we may be able to conclude that the phone, nor the apps are the problem.  Rather, Verizon's API used for coders to create apps and then have them interact with verizon.  It is also possible that it is he android API, however at the end of the day if infact this issue is only with Verizon then the problem lies there.  Now, there may be a TMmail spam for t-mobile carriers and an ATTmail spam text message as well.  If that were the case then we can definately conclude that the current API sets for android app development do not work correctly.  If it is localized to the verizon carrier only then yes we can say that this would be a Verizon issue to fix...


                    Of course a user above posted that they do not use any 3rd party sms stuffs, however any app that would require the transmission of data via the same portals as the sms etc. could potentially run into the same issue.


                    OK so now you are asking Verizon to make updates to make it easier for users to circumvent Verizons versions of their sms...or said in another way...lmfao haha hehe I would rather take time to get the KKK to sing Kumbaya.  Verizon is trying to tighten not loosen 3rd party interaction with their phones, this is like one of the founding 5 top complaints about verizon, with #2 being they force ********  on the phones and don't leave them pure, and #3 the price, #4 ****  limited data.  I can't type #5 here as children may be reading.


                    I believe Verizons answer on or off the record would be...We have a fix! "All your bases belong to us" - or translated in "non-nerd" - We have a fix! use all our ****  only and keep being our little *****  like you know you are and take it...P.S. we are tracking everything, and data is so cheap it is like valueless, but hey, we needed to charge you more because already being the most expensive carrier... by far... was still not enough...so we created artificial scaracity on data so we can charge more for it...but hey, you can get 4g in a corn field in Ohio and we KNOW we are the ONLY ones able to offer that...no other carrier is even close...so **** it....which I am.  I suggest you all do the same until ATT puts up more towers, even though their service has like been unchanged for 10 years...at least we all can hold breath - so good news there.


                    I hope this helps.


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