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    Online Photo Storage?


      Hi, does anyone know how to find your photos online? I know Sprint keeps all of the pictures/videos ever sent from your number and I was wondering if Verizon does the same thing?



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          Verizon does NOT keep the pictures sent to and from your number; if you want to use online storage then you need to initiate it and send the pictures to your online album (it's an option while viewing your photos on the phone).

          If you receive a photo in a text message, you can save it to the phone, save it to the SD card, or send it to your online album. Another option is to forward it to your email.
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            I absolutely love the fact that I am able to view my pictures online! I think you will love that feature as well.


            In addition to what SuzyQ has already posted, I wanted to give you the link that gives some more detailed information on how to send pictures to the online album Pix Place, how to view pictures on PixPlace and how to send pictures from PixPlace.

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              Can we link photos from Pix Place so we can share them on other forums?  I want to show off my baby praying mantids to my mantis friends!  They're so small though, and when I upload them to pix place, they seem to lose resolution...is that supposed to happen?

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hi, AmberGG-

                That's pretty cool! Pix Place is not intended to be a photo sharing site, but rather just storage for pictures and resolution may be reduced, if too large. You can however save pictures that you have on Pix Place to your computer so then share with other website. Have a great day!

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                  I would like to know how to access my online album also. I sent a couple of pics and I CAN'T FIND A LINK TO ACCESS this ghostly album!!!!! HELP!

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    Never fear help is here!


                    I know how important it is to keep those memories safe and the online album is just the place.

                    To access your pictures visit http://bit.ly/4DsYxV and sign in using your My Verizon log in information.

                    I trust this has been helpful.

                    John B

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                      Why have I started getting these messages and how can I stop them?


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