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    Verizon wireless Gift Cards


      Last week I upgraded my basic Motorola Rival, to a Droid Bionic. I am very happy with my Droid Bionic, however i was under the impression that I would be receiving an email or a text message from verizon giving me a code so that I could send in my basic phone for a 100$ verizon wireless gift card. Verizon said the code would be given to me within 5 days, and this is day 7. I can find no information on the website or any other forum posts regarding this issue. Also, the employees in the verizon wireless store are clueless. I would really appreciate it if any one could point me in the direction of another forum where this is being discussed or link me to a web page with some information on how to get ahold of a verion wireless representative that could shed some light on this situation. Anything would help. Thank you.

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          seriousgoose wrote:

           ... I can find no information on the website or any other forum posts regarding this issue.

          If you type $100 or trade in into the search box, you will find a number of posts on this issue; there has been considerable difficulty getting the promo code promised  :smileysad:


          Read the link below, and then send a PM to one of the Verizon designated (name in red, VZW logo) by clicking their user name and then "Send this user a private message" from within their profile.





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            I upgraded to a smartphone, got it activated on Aug 25 and recieved the text on Sept 20 with the promo code. On that day I filled out the form, and still haven't recieved the envelope to send the phone back and today is Oct 6. Good Luck:smileyhappy:

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              OK,  Got my PROMOTION CODE as stated earlier. But till today still no envelope to send my phone back. Called customer service and they told me they have no record of me.  Re-submitted my promotion code form about the 5th time. Said I was suppose to recieve and email with a Submission Code. Stil no code and Still no envelope. Once again called customer service, rep told me they do not deal with P.O. Box addresses. So I give them my sons physical address. Week later still no envelope. Called this morning again rep said to resubmit promo code. But instead I called our local Verizon Store and explained what was going on, also told me there is nothing said about having to be sent to a physical address, WOW. This afternoon after I talked to our local rep, I got my SUBMISSION ID. This began from Aug. 25 till today Oct. 11, 2011. Lets see how long it takes for the envelope to reach me. I was told I have till Nov. 15, 2011 then the promotion will be void. I have been trying since Aug 25 to complete this promotion on my end. What's up Verizon?