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    Emergency Alert system with wireless phone?


      I very much need an Emergency Alert system, ie; one that has a single button to call a preprogrammed number and provide a recorded message to that number, but one that works through a cell phone, not a land line.  When the person in need leaves the location of the land line phone, they no longer have an alert system.  I believe that many elderly and others with medical problems would like to have such a system.  I acknowledge that connected to a cell phone is not 100 percent, but neither is a land line.  The contract for use could and should include an acknowledge to the the fact that cell phone use of the Alert system is not 100 percent.  But having something with these features is better than nothing.

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          If your hearing impaired you can dial 911 and state your emergency, then repeat the same message two more times, that way if they didn't catch all of the 1st call they would hear all of the second call.  There is a TTY on the cell you could use that and also if you have your phone set to E911 (From setting and tools click on settigs, Phone settings, Location, Click E911 only. If you dail 911 from you cell and do not answer but keep the phone on the police can track your call by the towers and you will get help, this system is not as quick as calling 911 but at least they will be looking for you, they cannot pin point your location but they can find the vicinity your in.

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            Thanks for the 911 info, but that is not what I was looking for.  With all the flexability of the new cell phones, I thought that they should be able to provide what I need.  With the bluetooth communications on most new cell phones, have a wrist band or pendant with a single button that has the cell phone call a series of numbers until one answers and replys by pressing a predefined numeric key.  These features are available for land line phones but are limited in use to within about 500 feet of the land line unit.  I am looking for something that will work for a disabled person that is mobile and works with a cell phone worn by that person and useable anywhere there is cell phone service.  I see from many elderly and medically handicapped people that there is a great need for this but all the cell phone companies tell me when I call that they don't have it, and are not aware of it, and the great liability if they had it and it didn't work when needed.  I realize the risk of malfunction, but there is nothing now to fill the need.  A single button is necessary to activate because many times when needed the person in need cannot function to operate a phone because of a medical condition.

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              Taking a quick look through the android market, there are apps that seem to do just what you are asking. This, of course, would mean the subject having a smartphone w/data plan. I am sure that the iPhone has something similar, but not so sure about feature phones.
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                I'm not sure if this is any help, I do remember my mother had an alert system that she wore around her neck and just had to push a button to get help, I found these on the internet. Have you tried to contact a EMT or ambulance person or police officer or FireDepartment?


                Lifeline® Medical Alert


                ·No equipment to buy or long-term contracts. Call 1-800-587-5128


                Life Alert Emergency Response for Seniors

                Life Alert alarm provides medical home emergency protection. 1-800-360-0329 Independent living for senior citizens with Life Alert. Life Alert advertised on TV.



                Alerts provide protection to friends and family, assuring 24 hour medical, fire or police support at the push of a button



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                  Thanks for the info, but I contacted LifeLine Medical Alert and others and it only works with a land line phone.  The local EMTs system also only works with a land line and they were not aware of any cell phone system.  I also tried the people at the local hospital and they were not able to find any cell phone system.  I had not checked out the Iphone features, but will do that now that you mention it.  I have a friend who has one of the land line systems and she would very much like to change to a cell phone system and eliminate the land line which she otherwise doesn't use as she has a cell phone and uses it for most of her calls.  Still looking,


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                    Apparently Verizon is rolling out such a device, at least in a few test markets.  My Brother-in-Law, who lives in State College PA just learned of such a device (a pendant) at a Verizonless store there.  Sorry, no details, I'm here looking for more information myself.

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Everyone's safety and security is a top priority at Verizon Wireless. From what I'm reading, it sounds like everyone is looking for something like the new SureResponse mobile emergency response system. For all the details and pricing, please visit http://bit.ly/XxItwT

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                        You can possibly use your security company and that system might have it's own cellular connection to the monitoring station.  It would still only work in and around the house.