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    Using USB Tethered Phone WiFi to connect to WiFi Router, for Computer Net Access


      Droid X running Android 2.3.3, Moto System 4.5.602.MB810


      Hello. I have seen ample information on using the Droid X as a WiFi Hotspot, using Verizon's Data Plan, but I have had difficulty finding information on an apparently unusual variation of this (see below). Feel free to direct me to a forum answer if it does exist, as I have searched, but had no luck here, or in a net search engine. 



      1) Is it possible to connect a computer (PC running XP) to a Droid X via USB in order to use the phone's WiFi to connect to a wireless router elsewhere in the home? 


      2) If not "yes" above, is there a phone that does in Verizon's selections. 


      A diagram for those who love them:


      Computer-->USB Cord-->Phone WiFi-->Wireless Router-->Cable Modem-->Internet = Yes/No?


      What I won't do: I will not root my phone.


      Issue/Testing: I have tried this, turing on both WiFi (phone) and USE Tethering. Though my phone WiFi is on and connected to my wireless router, 3G starts up (both WiFi and 3G Icons appear at the same time) and any attempt to access the 'net is met with the Mobile Hotspot signup screen (which, as mentioned, I am not trying to access in the first place). If this capability does not currently exist, it would be a great addition to the lineup for those computers without WiFi capability built-in.