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    gzone commando camera flash/flashlight


      Like others, I have discovered that when I turn my flash in my camera settings to on it functions like a flashlight and not a camera flash meaning it just turns on and stays on which interestingly enough I was trying to figure out how to do. It seems foolish to me that a ruggedized phone doesn't just have a widget I can assign to the tactile key for flashlight. Anyway, now that I have realized that my flash functions like a flashlight and not a flash...How do I get the flash to work like a flash?

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          Hi Pt950,


          The Camera application has automatic settings that you can use to help make take quick photographs and videos. The camera has a number of ways to control your exposures and for turning the flash on and off among other features. I'm providing you a link to our simulator that walks you through the steps. At the link, locate the How to Menu listed under the device manual. Then scroll down to the picture and video, open up the sub menu, select picture, open up that menu to turn on flash. Also, some addition information about the camera features and settings can be be found in the user manual as well. I hope this helps.