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    Mobile Hotspot Password




      Like everyone else I had to do the update to my Droid 2.  Today I went to use the Mobile Hotspot for the first time since the update and it has apparently changed my phone name as well as the password to the connect with the Hotspot.


      Does anyone have any idea on how to find out what the new password is?  I've done some research but everything that I'm told to do doesn't work since the software update.


      Help would be appreciated.  Not having the HotSpot put me in a tough situation earlier with work and was a big inconvenience.



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          If I remember right you should be abke to open app and click menu and seee the security options setting menu....


          1. Open the 3G Mobile Hotspot app.

          2. Tap Menu > Advanced > WiFi AP mode Settings.

          3. Modify the following settings as needed:

          • SSID - Name for your connection Next.
          • Security - Select the type of security you want. This will prevent unauthorized access. WPA2 is recommended by IEEE.
          • Channel - Select a channel that minimizes potential

          Tap Save when the settings are complete.