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    Is There A Cell Phone Tower Outage?


      Several fellow Verizon cell phone users and myself (Bath, NY area) have had great difficulty placing outbound calls.  When we make calls, we do not hear them ring, just dead air.  It does ring for the person on the other end, however and neither party can hear the others.    I had to make four calls to the same number today before it would finally ring and connect.  Later in the day I had to call another number twice, and then I called a third number and couldn't connect either. 


      What's going on?  And why has Verizon given us the run-around on the phone?



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          Joe L

          I understand how important it is to make and receive calls. I definitely want to get this resolved right away. We don't want you to feel like your getting the run around at all. I've checked the Bath NY area I do not see any network issues at this time. Are you still experiencing issues? Does this happen inside and outside? Please dial *228 option 2 to update the towers for your iphone.  Let me know if that helps, if not I will be happy to try some other things with you.


          Thank you