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    Apps are disappearing


      My apps are disappearing.  I installed my apps that I use VERY frequently, however they keep disappearing.  I have to re-install them, several times now! Very frustrating.  


      I first was using App2SD pro to move my apps to "media area" and noticed it was those that I moved.  Well I stopped doing that and moved what I could back to the phone.  Well after the 500th install of ChompSMS and Dolphin Browser, I am starting to get VERY angry.


      What the heck is going on?!?


      Reboots, battery pulls, nothing helps keep them in place.

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          I've installed Dolphin Browser,  I'll let you know if the app goes missing.  I'm afraid you could have borked your system with App2SD pro.


          Just out of curiosity, have you tried a factory reset to see if the problem goes away?

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            Not yet. I'm trying to avoid that. I hate setting everything up again.
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              I have had the same issue! Even replaced the phone. I haven't used any App to move my apps to the "media area", just the native app manager. It seems to only "forget" the apps that have been moved as far as I can tell. After the app has been "forgotten", if you check the "media area" it still shows and the "move to phone" button is active. However, when you press it, it tells you the app is not installed! As it is still quite new, I am not sure what the pattern with the loss. It may have something to do with using the "mass media" setting when connected to the PC. I do know that when in this mode, the phone can't recognize the SD card or whatever is stored there. I ABSOLUTELY love this phone. But, these issues are extremely annoying, ESPECIALLY since it has been "coming soon" for nearly a year! 

              Now I have had the Incredible since it came out, and teach those people in my company that have android phones (at least 300-400) how to use them. I have used/setup/configured almost every model that has come out, so I am very familiar with them. I can honestly say that I have never seen this issue before. I believe it may be related to how the bionic sees the actual SD card as "sdcard-ext" and the internal phone storage as "sdcard", But I'm not completely certain about that.

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                Is the Media area setup like a storage device and if you mount the device does that storage area mount also to the compute?  If so then this may be the same issue as all other devices when you move a app to this storage, the system looses the app anytime the storeage is mounted...    Is the Bionics internal memory really low enough that it needs you to move apps to the sd card?


                I really think the option to place apps to card is poorly designed and useless for a power device.

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                  I've been having the same issues myself. At first, I thought it was something I did when I transferred my files from my old SD card. Then I thought it happens when I plug it to my PC. I've had the phone for a few days now, and just tonight after switching my battery to the extended battery, a few more apps disappeared.


                  I think it may have something to do with the Media Area because the apps that keep disappearing for me are the ones I move over. Even the guy at the Verizon store was completely clueless when I told him about it. Obviously, this is a fairly new issue. If there is a future update to fix this, I hope it comes soon because as much as I love this phone... losing apps is utterly frustrating and annoying.

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                    I cleared all the apps from the media area. Reinstalled and then did not move them, since then I've had no issues.
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                      With the size of the internal storage on these devices, there really isn't any reason to use apps2sd especially since it seems to cause more problems than it solves.

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                        PJNC284 wrote:

                        With the size of the internal storage on these devices, there really isn't any reason to use apps2sd especially since it seems to cause more problems than it solves.

                        +1 I agree.

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                          Hi MDStokes,


                          I understand your frustration with regard to your applications disappearing. I have checked my references and I assure you that this issue is being investigated by our product support team and Motorola. The phone should be giving you the option to save the applications to the SD Card instead of "media center." We will let you all know of any updates when we get them. 


                          You may not need to complete a factory reset, but you can definitely still try it. Just make sure that you backup your data before completing the steps. 


                          Warning: This will erase all data from your phone, including:

                          • Your Google account
                          • System and application data and settings
                          • Downloaded Applications

                          It will not erase: Current System software and bundled applications; SD Card files, such as music or Photos


                          From the main screen, touch menu tab
                          Touch Settings
                          Touch Privacy
                          Touch Factory Data reset
                          Touch Reset Phone
                          If desired user has the option to Erase internal storage (Media Area)
                          or erase SD Card - if these boxes are checked devise will erase data within these locations
                          Touch Reset Phone


                          I hope this information is helpful for you, and have a good day!


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