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    email won't work


      i'm having a lot of trouble getting my email to work. i have an aol account and my phone logged in to the account, but it won't show any emails in my inbox, though there should be plenty of emails in it. my gmail account will open too, but i only get certain emails. it won't receive anything i send to it, but it will receive things from websites like groupon or itunes receipts. i can't send anything from either account. help please!

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          I am having the same problem.  AOL e-mail not working properly since Wednesday 09/07.  I have deleted and re-added my AOL email account from scratch....but the only email received since was the "Welcome From Verizon - Email Successfully Established". LOL

          Can we please get some help on this issue?


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            I went to the Verizon Store to seek help for my AOL mail not working.  They claim it is an "AOL problem", not a Verizon or Droid problem.  The store rep went onto a super-secret-Verizon-employee Forum, and after reading for awhile, announced that if I installed the K-9 Mail app, that it would retrieve my AOL mail.

            Anyway....I installed K-9 and..yes, it is retrieving my AOL email.  I've only been using it for about 2 hours, but wanted to post here in case someone else is having trouble.  The only problem so far with K-9 Mail is there is apparently NO USER GUIDE, so you have to figure it out as you go along.