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    can someone tap your phone?


      is there anyway possible for someone to listen in on your phone calls or somehow read your texts, without your phone? I heard there was spyware out there now that allows you to do this. but I also have been told it dont work? How can i tell if someone has downloaded spyware on my phone? or can I block this from happening or stop it... thanks so much.

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          the limited mobile browser makes it difficult for unknown applications to get on  your phone. that said it's still possible but highly unlikely. there are much easier and effective ways to get personal information from someone. Now it is possible to "tap" a cell phone. It happens by basically deciphering the encrypted signal being sent between you and the cell providers switch. normally requires alot of knowledge and equipment. I would only expect this form a government agency. As far as the text messages are concerned providers normal save those and require a subpoena to get them.