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    Text Message Not Sent


      I'll send a text message to myself, others on my plan, others with Verizon and others out of the network.  Seemingly without reason the phone displays "text message not sent."  In the message details the cause code reads:  "Addr.Vcnt., 0"


      I've tried looking up the code and have come up empty, or rather all the solutions I've found haven't help.  Rebooting and reprogramming the phone hasn't helped.  Entering the recipient's phone number manually hasn't helped.


      The strangest part is that this happens inconsistently.  One message will send just fine, but the next does not.  My phone reacts as I described; however, I've found that some of the "not sent" messages are in fact sent, but incomplete with an image of an X at the end or filled with meaningless symbols and gibberish.


      It seems I also cannot receive text messages while my phone is acting up.  At random times I'll receive many texts, the contents of which indicate they were sent at different times.


      Hopefully I can get some assistance here, or perhaps someone knows of a thread addressing this issue that I failed to find and can provide a link.



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          strange that it would be intermittent as you suggest. I would start with clearing the Cache for the texting APP that you are using. (btw, which APP are you using?)


          Menu / Settings / Applications / Running APPs  ....  click on your txting APP and press CLEAR CACHE/DATA


          If you are using a 3rd party TXT app (like HandCent), maybe uninstall it and reinstall it ...


          let us know.

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            I'm using the built in texting application.  Just cleared the cache, to no avail.  

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              I would contact verizon directly and have them look into it for you ... They have things they "can do" on their side to make sure it's properly working  through their system ...  e.g., some people were getting duplicates - which Verizon 'fixed' some how...


              You could also try a different APP, like HandCent .. (free) ..  Maybe it will give you more information on the problem.  

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                Check out this post on this error, appears this comes from FaceBook contacts and contacts with the +1 being placed before the area code..  Try changing contacts number if it contains this info and see whar happens,,,



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                  Good catch Wildman ..!!

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                    I had found that thread earlier, but had written it off, considering my issue started before I synced to facebook.  However, I decided to reformat my contacts.


                    old format:        5552228888

                    current format: 555-222-8888


                    Followed by the suggested reset, and it seems to have solved it.  We will see in a couple of minutes if the solution sticks...


                    Thanks to both of you for your input

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                      nope.  the problem persists. I guess going to verizon directly is the next step...

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                        folcon49 wrote:

                        I'm using the built in texting application.  Just cleared the cache, to no avail.  

                        Hi folcon49,


                        I am sorry to learn of the issues you are experiencing with your text messaging application. I see you have already cleared the Cache and also tried other troubleshooting steps and the issue continues.


                        This issue may be caused by a third party application (not necessarily a text message application) conflict. Did you install any third party application right before the issue start? If so, please remove and see if that resolves the issue. You can also run your phone in Safe Mode. Running your phone in Safe Mode temporarily disables all applications that have been installed via the Android Market. Performing this troubleshooting step is necessary to determine whether a 3rd party application is the cause of an Operating System / Application issue. 


                        If the issue continues while running your phone in Safe Mode, the next trouble shooting step will be a Factory Reset. Please keep in mind that performing a factory reset will remove ALL data including the Google account, system data, application data, application settings, and downloaded applications.


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                          I actually have the same problem intermittently.....but when I click to resend it, then it will resend without a problem. I really do not think the problem is with an app installed on the phone, but rather with the handshaking the phone does with the network. the same sort of thing happens when you are using your notebook computer on a wireless network. I work in a huge building with multiple wireless access points and when I move throughout the building, I lose the connection for a very short amount of time. They don't always like to 'hand off' to the next WAP, but eventually they can play nice together. Same thing with your wireless phone....if you're among multiple towers, I suspect the problem is that your connection is jumping between towers and that is why your messages may not be sent the first time you send it

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