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    Convoy compatible to Ford SYNC


      I am having problems using my Samsung Convoy with my Ford Escapes SYNC. Can anybody give me some pointers

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          What kind of problems? It doesn't sync at all? It syncs, but disconnects? It syncs but certain functions don't work? Help us help you by being a little more specific, please?
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            Thanks Tater123 for your inquiry. SuzyQ brings up some valid questions. We need more details in order to resolve your issue. Are you able to pair the device with the car? What exactly are you having problems with using the Bluetooth? 

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              Have you been able to resolve your issue with your Sync account.  I have tried several times to sync my husbands phone and I have no idea where to put the passcode!!! Very frustrating

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                I have a 2010 F-150 and Samsung Convoy, and the phone works (most of the time) with the voice portion of sync, and sync services (news, navigation, traffic, etc.)   However, it will not work with the text option.   Ford says that it is incompatible.


                As far as the "most of the time" comment...   The phone has a habit of the blue tooth becoming non-functional.   It will connect to sync just fine several times, and then not connect.   Going through the menu and asking it to connect to sync, turning blue tooth on and off do not restore function.   Only way to get the phone to connect is to power off and on.   Then it requires a menu navigation to tell it to connect to sync.   So much for hands free safety!!!   I have been wishing for a software upgrade to fix the problem, but now it appears the fix will have to be replacing the phone.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hello NancyW, 

                  You are correct, this feature is designed for safety and has a purpose!  Have you tested the device with other Bluetooth headsets?  Does this only happen with the Sync system?  What is the current software version on the phone?  Go to Menu>Settings and Tools>Phone Info>SW/HW Version.  We can continue troubleshooting to find a solution!

                  Thank You,

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                    The phone is mine....   Nancy has the master acct, and I sent original post from her ID.   I login to her ID, so I can see usage, etc.  


                    I have not tried the device with other bluetooth devices.    The device will work correctly for several trips then just stops connecting to Sync.   The bluetooth symbol sometimes disappears, and sometimes does not.   Only way to get it to connect is to power off phone, then power back on and through bluetooth menu tell it to connect to Sync.   It always connects to Sync on first attempt when this is done--i.e. I don't think it is a Sync problem.   It will then work fine for several trips, and then stop working.    I try to check connection before I leave the parking space, so I can do the reboot while parked. 


                    The Samsung Convoy replaced at Motorola phone that always worked fine.    Wish I had the Motorola back.


                    Also, wish that I had checked Sync text compatibility before acquiring the Samsung Convoy.   I was not aware that a phone could work with voice, but not with text.   I will check before getting my next phone.


                    Version Info:

                    S/W V.u640.DL23

                    H/W V.U640.05

                    Software update reports update SCH-U640_DJ28_DL23 on Mar 1, 2011


                    When I check for updates, I if I get a 3X connection it always says service unavailable.   If I'm in a weak signal area, and get a 1X connection, it says no update is available.


                    Perhaps, you can address another quirk of this phone.   Sometimes the battery drains quickly.   With little use of the phone, I get a daily low battery alarm and have to charge the phone daily.    This occurs for a week or so, then the battery life returns to normal lasting over a week before a recharge is necessary.   This seems unrelated to bluetooth problem, or bluetooth activation, or location.   It is not being caused by a reception problem--signal levels appear the same with or without the battery life problem.

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                      I replied to your reply with more information about a week ago, but I have seen no more from you.    Do you have any ideas regarding the Sync connection problem or rapid battery discharge problem on the Convoy?    I experienced the Sync connection problem several times this weekend.    The rapid discharge problem also occurred last week right after my messages. 


                      The Convoy is my phone, the original post was under my wife's name because we have a shared plan.  


                      After my post, I tried update again in an area near a cellular tower, and got a reply that I had the most recent software for my phone.

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                        Fixed the problem.    Upgraded to a Motorola RAZR M.....   It works well with Sync, including text messaging which the Samsung did not support.   It also connects reliably unlike the Samsung.   In a month of use, I have not had any problems with connection with the Motorola.   

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                          I have had similar problems with my Convoy and Sync.  I had to have the car search for the phone to pair it for the first time as the phone would not go to the screen to enter a passkey.  It will go days just fine then will decide not to sync.  I have to power down the phone, turn it back on, and use the menu functions to re-connect to sync.  I've gotten in the habit of checking before I leave the driveway so I don't have to do this while I'm driving.


                          Sometimes it will only connect halfway - I will get a phone call, answer it with the car controls, and the person calling me can hear me but I cannot hear them as the sound is not being properly routed to the car's sound system.  Same thing sometimes when I make a call with the car's sync system - it seems like the call did not go through yet the party I am calling can hear me but I can't hear them answer the phone.  I have to not only power down the phone but turn the car off and restart it to fix this.  I have had all of the available upgrades to my sync system, have done several master resets of the sync system and my phone has the latest software.  Must be a fault in the programming, probably both the phone and the sync system.

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