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      just realized that Monopoly is available for VZW android phones - but only via the VCAST app store.


      however, after downloading/installing it, I got an error message about a block.  Just curious to see if anyone else has this app or has experienced any similar issues?



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          you seem to be having a lot of issues? are do you have "allow 3rd party apps" or whatever you need to check, checked?

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            it's really just these two minor issues - overall I'm very satisfied with the phone.  I even solved the battery issue.  but I do have the allowance of 3rd party apps, as other apps run just fine on my phone (scrabble, angry birds, yahoo finance, etc.)

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              Thank you to the community for the information provided. 


              Hello jco23, are you still experiencing the issue with Monopoly? If so, I recommend for you to uninstall the application by following the steps below:


              1. From the home screen, select Applications

              2. Select Settings.

              3. Select Applications.

              4. Select Manage applications.

              5. From the All tab, select an application.

              6. Select Uninstall.

              7. Select OK.

              8. Select OK again. 


              Once this step is complete. Follow this step below:


              5. From the All tab, select an application.

              1. From the home screen, select Applications

              2. Select Settings.

              3. Select Applications.

              4. Select Manage applications.

              5. From the All tab, select Market

              6. Clear Cache/Data

              7. Go back and select Downloads

              8. Clear Cache/Data


              Now try to download the Monopoly application again. If the issue persists, it may be an issue with the application it self as other applications work. 


              Thank you, 



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                thanks Lena.


                I went through all of those steps but to no avail.  very frustrating...

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                  Clearing cache/data did not work for me either. :smileysad:

                  Still looking for new solution before asking for refund.


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                    Are you having an issue downloading the Monopoly application or were you able to download the application and having issue with it? Are you getting any error message? What SW version do you have running on the phone?


                    If you just recently updated the SW on your Droid X something loaded on the device [apps perhaps?] must have corrupted the handset during the SW update. A hard reset has helped others having this issue. I have provided the steps below:


                    From the main screen, touch menu tab 

                    Touch Settings
                    Touch Privacy
                    Touch Factory Data reset
                    Touch Reset Phone
                    Touch Erase Everything


                    Please keep in mind a hard reset will erase all data on the device that isn't saved on the memory card.


                    If you continue to experience this issue after performing the hard reset please post back and I'll be happy to further troubleshoot.

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                      Before going through all that trouble of a factory data reset. Try checking your account to see if you have a vcast apps block on your account. Should be available through verizonwireless.com, if you can't find it i'd suggest calling customer service to check.
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                        I did find the free version (*.apk) file online, and was working just fine - until EA made an update, and now I get a similar error message.


                        as much as I hate to admit this, this issue could be more on EA rather than VZW.

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                          update to this, Monopoly is now available on the android market!


                          problem is that it needs lots of RAM spcae to launch - so I would certainly wait until the next update before buying this app....