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      What exactly is the Dashboard? And does it cost MB to access it? The reason I ask is our new month just started. Last month we were each charged for $1.99 for 1 MB of usage. I have accessed my email from my phone so I understood my charge. But hubby never used the net. We both thought maybe he had hit a button by accident. But when I looked at his phone, there is no one key shortcut for the internet on his phone (Env3). The only thing he does have is a button that sends him to the "Dashboard." When I clicked on this, it then gave me several options including going onto the net. However, I did not select anything, just ended. Now I notice on his phone, there is .003 mb of usage. I'm wondering if is from when I clicked on Dashboard. (but again, I did not click the "go to web" option. Any thoughts? I just want to know what is causing him to get these charges.

      Also, what is the final verdict on if you are charged MB for accessing "My account." I've seen posts that say both yes and no.