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    Verizon Network Extender Access Management


      I received my new Verizon Wireless Network Extender on 8/31/11. It connected and seems to be working fine. I have 3-4 bars throughout my house. I went to My Verizon and selected My Devices as instructed under the FAQ for managing the access to my Network Extender. The Network Extender is not listed. I called *611 and spoke to a technician which transferred me to another technician. At first she didn't seem to understand that my Extender is working fine. I just need instructions for managing the access. She had me disconnect the Cat5 and power cord, at which time the call was dropped. I expected a callback which never happened. I tired calling and receive a message stating that since I have a network extender the wait time will now be 24 minutes. All I need are instructions on managing access to my extender. I followed the following instructions:

      Network Extender Management and Security

      Can I manage and secure access to my Network Extender?

      Yes. Only the Network Extender account owner can sign into My Verizon to manage device settings. You can set your Network Extender for open or managed access. Open Access allows any Verizon Wireless phone within range to use your Network Extender. Under Managed Access, you have the ability to prioritize access to your Network Extender to up to 50 Verizon Wireless callers you select. Where a compatible cell tower is unavailable, callers that do not appear on your managed access list may access the Network Extender when not in use by priority callers. All callers may access the Network Extender for emergency (E911) calls.

      My Network Extender is not listed on My Verizon. Please help.

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          Hi Jab13
          To manage the access on your Network Extender, please use the steps below. You will be able to add mobile numbers under the Managed Access list have priority over unlisted numbers after signing into to My Verizon as the Account Owner.


          1. From the My Services tab and Network Extender section, click Manage.
            My Services screen with My Network Extender
          2. Ensure that Managed Access (Prioritized) is selected.
            Note To re-configure Access Settings, refer to Configure Access Settings for assistance.
            Access Settings screen
          1. Click Add Contacts.
            Access Settings screen with Add Contacts
          2. Enter the appropriate information then click +Add.
            The name to identify the entry.
            Phone Number
            The 10-digit mobile number to be added to the Managed Access (priority) list.
            Access Settings screen with the desired name and mobile number entered
          3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as necessary. Up to 50 mobile numbers can be entered.