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    how to change from prepaid to a plan phone.


      I have a samsung intensity and my mom has a older verizon flip phone and we wanted to update out phones so we went to local verizon wireless dealer and we bought 2 cosmos 2 phones, he said that in order to activevate the new phones all we had to do is enter star 228 and it would set up our new phones. Our old phones wire pay as you go and the new plan is the family share plan. he said that it could take a day for it to work. but the first time I called the star 228 it said to activate a prepaid phone enter star 22898 and then it said activation failed. but the new phones shoulnt be a on a pay as you go they should be on the family plan. any ideas? also when i go to my account on verizonwireless.com it still says i have a pay as you go. so im very confused...

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          Hi Buzzsaw138,


          Since posting, have the phones been activated and has your issue been resolved? I would still like to ask a couple of questions. 


          When you changed devices, did you keep the same phone numbers? 

          Do your old devices still work as prepaid lines?


          If you still need assistance, please feel free to send me a PM with your name and contact information (wireless phone numbers as well). I will be happy to contact you in order to review and resolve this for you. 



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            When we went from prepaid to contracft phones we got credit for what was left on our prepaid phones off our first bill so check and see if they still do that.  If you bought the phones in the store and signed a 2yr contract why did they not activate them and set everything up.  That is what they did for us when we signed our first 2yr contract, we didn't have to go home and do anything.    Mary