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    pantech jest looking for usb modem drivers


      I have Pantech jest tx8010 and im looking for the usb modem drivers. anyone know the link? or even a um150 might be helpful.

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          Hi Graffix989,


          Here is a link for Pantech downloads. 




          I would like to ask the reason you need to download the drivers? I would like to provide you with some additional steps for mass storage. 


          USB Mass Storage: Allows user to use device as a storage device.
          From the main screen, press Menu.
          Scroll to Settings & Tools, press OK
          Scroll to Tools, press OK
          Scroll to USB Mass Storage, press OK
          I hope this information is helpful for you!
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            are you kidding me? u send me a link to some generic driver finder website that is full of adware?? THAT IS NOT HELPFULL. You work for verizon? **bleep**.....


            I am looking for the Pantech jest2 (VW) modem drivers, I DO Not need anything but my windows XP to reconize this {word filter avoidance}
            phone as a modem or network adapter... ANYONE???

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              If you're looking to find the modem drivers for your device, you will unfortunately not be able to find them. In order to do what you're trying to do, your device needs to have Broadband Access connect.  The Jest 2 does not. All of our device driver software can be found in 1 of 3 places. The first place is here. This is where the software (VZAccess Manager) along with the device drivers are downloaded. If you choose the proper drop-downs, XP/Vista -> Wireless Handset -> and your phone is not in the list. If your phone is not in the list, it is not supported for tethering or using it as a wireless modem.


              The second place you can find drivers for your phone is here.   This has the drivers so your phone can communicate with your PC. Your phone is also not listed here. 


              The final place you can search for device drivers is directly through the manufacturere's website.   I searched, and it's not available there either.  Pantech's direct number: (800) 962-8622. 


              The safe answer is that your device does not have the ability to sync or act as a modem with a computer. The only interaction that your phone can have with the computer is acting as a card reader and loading information such as picture/music directly onto the card through the phone after you follow Christina's steps posted above. Here's a link to the Jest 2's product details. The feature you are looking for is dial-up networking which isn't listed for your device. Here's a link to a basic phone (Crux) that does have the feature. It also has a VCast Media Manager syncing capabilities which means drivers are available.


              I hope that thoroughly answers your question.