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    Temporary Plan change for out of country travel


      I currently have the 900 minute nationwide plan with unlimited text and data.  I am taking a Caribbean Cruise and want to be able to check my e-mail, receive text messages and make phone calls from my cell phone.  Is there a plan I can sign up for during that week so that I do not get hit with huge fees?

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          Hi Krdt, 


          I hope you have a great time on your cruise! 


          Because you are planning on traveling outside of the United States, you will want to consider changing your Email and Web package to one of our Global Data packages to avoid International Pay as you go Data charges. When using your Smartphone outside of the United States, you will be charged between $0.002 per KB ($2.05 per MB) and $0.02 per KB ($20.48 per MB) depending on the country.


          •        Caribbean & Europe Global Data feature


          o        $30.00 monthly access: 25 megabytes (MB) of data.

          o        $100.00 monthly access: 70 MB of data.


          Note: Each additional MB after allowance is billed at $20.48.


          It is best to keep the data plan on your line for the entire billing cycle, so you get the full amount of MBs included. If on the line for less than a month, your included MBs will be prorated, which can cause additional charges that can simply be avoided. 


          You also have the option to turn off the data roaming capabilities of the device. You would not be able to use data while traveling, unless a Wi-fi connection is available. To turn off data roaming on the Fascinate, please follow the steps below. 


          Press Menu

          Press Settings

          Press Wireless & Networks

          Press Mobile Networks

          Make sure Data Roaming is not checked


          With regard to voice minutes, the rates change depending on if you are making the call from the cruise ship, or from land. Normally, if making a call while on the cruise ship, the cost is $2.49 per minute. The per-minute rate tends to be lower if making the call from land. For example, if making a call while the ship is ported on land, the per-minute rate would most likely be lower than making the call while on the ship. 


          For additional information on international rates and services, please visit the following link:




          For additional information on the Global Data features, which can be added/removed at any time and are in addition to your current domestic E-mail and Internet feature, please visit the following link:


          Global Data


          I hope this information is helpful for you.