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    lg cosmos 2: how to transfer pic from computer


      i just bought a lg cosmos 2 and i am trying to transfer pictures from my computer to my phone via usb cable. when i go to my computer and click on the external drive, my phone beeps and says no sd memory card then the external drive is no longer available. i should have enough internal memory to transfer pictures, right. also, how do you delete factory installed pics. i have tried using the picture manager but when i click on erase it says no picture is selected. however, i have selected a picture. can anyone help me out?


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          I have the Cosmos 2 as well and I had to install a card to move my pictures to the card. You can then transfer from the card to the phone once it is on the card, I am told. I haven't tried to transfer to the phone yet, but I have done it from the PC to the card.

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            I am facing the same exact issue. After flashing "no card installed," Vista then thinks my phone is a modem and attempts to look for a driver, but can't find it (obviously). If a card is needed to put pics/music on the phone, will any micro SD card work? Sorry to kind of high-jack your question!

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              Hi Darwin7613 and AffirmationChic,


              You do need a Micro SD memory card in order to transfer your pictures to a computer from your LG Cosmos 2 device. This is because when the memory card is installed on your device, it allows you access to a menu called:USB Mass Storage. Without the memory card, you would not have access to this menu and the phone's connection could show up as a modem when connected to a USB cord. When you have obtained a Micro SD memory card, use these steps below to transfer your pictures and reference steps can be found on page 75 of the user manual accessible at this link. Any compatible Micro Sd memory card will work and it needs to be formatted for your specific device.  Also, there was no references available for removing factory installed pictures. The manufacture installed these pictures on the device for its basic functionality. They do not impact the device's overall storage space or operation. 


              To access USB Mass Storage:

              1. From standby mode, press[MENU].

              2. Press Settings & Tools.

              3. Press Tools.

              4  Press USB Mass Storage.

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                Just create a folder named Photos in the SD card and stick all the photos in that folder from your computer. Most phones and the original Cosmo used the folder my_pix. Other option is to save a pic on the micro SD card and just drop and drag the files into that folder from the CPU. The phone is not recognizing the my_pix folder. Simple solution unless you want to download all the LG software that you will never use.