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    Backup Assistant Problems w/ LG Octane

      I lost my original LG Octane phone last week.  My husband had the same model phone that he was not using (upgraded recently).  I'm attempting to Uninstall Backup Assistant so that I can reinstall MY Backup Assistant info.  I can remove the application, but when I go back into Browse&Download then to Get New Applications then to Business Tools/Information, the Backup Assistant is not available to download.  I've tried turning the phone off and then back on.  When I do that, Backup Assistant reappears on the phone.  It will not allow my info to sync b/c it says the phone # has changed and the PIN is incorrect.  Any suggestions or do I just need to visit the VZW store?
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          I am a little (or a lot) confused by your post.  I am not sure why you needed to uninstall Backup assistant.  Did you mean uninstall on the phone?  The Backup Assistant info (i.e. your contacts) exists on the Verizon Wireless site at www.verizonwireless.com/backupassistant.  Unless I am missing something, most recent (many years) VZW phones come with Backup Assistant installed and once you get a new phone and transfer it to your phone number (or vice versa depending on how you look at it), you ought to be able to sync/download your contacts from VZW to your phone.


          Please correct me or clarify your problem.  Thanks.



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            This is not a 'new' phone.  It was my husband's old phone, but same model as I had.  BA will not accept my info.  It says that the number on the phone has changed and that I need to 'cancel my subscription to backup assistant' and re-download BA to sync to the new number on the phone.  However, I cannot find any place to "cancel my subscription" on this LG Octane.  Hope this clears things up.

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              Hello all! Thanks to our community for addressing this concern. Hi to you, steph96_2000! I'm here to help you with Backup Assistant. The application can be disabled or uninstalled by menu commands at the bottom right of the screen. After you open the slide of the phone, Go to Media Center>Browse & Download. Once you move your cursor to Backup Assistant icon, you'll notice that the word "Options" will appear on bottom right of the display. Use your right soft key (one of the top two keys on your keypad that has only a bar on it) to launch a pop-up menu. One of the options you get should be "End Subscription" or "Remove App" or something that sounds final. Say yes, and the current subscription will be ended. After that is done, you can reinstall Backup Assistant so that your personal contacts. 

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                I've done this multiple times.  When I go to reinstall, Backup Assistant is no longer available from the Browse/Download area to reinstall.  Funny thing is, when I turn the phone off, the Backup Assistant reappears but it still will not recognize the new number.  I'm getting a daily reminder about the BA needing to be setup too.  It's beyond FRUSTRATING.  Now I'm even seeing data usage where I'm trying unsuccessfully to do this.  I'll be heading to a VZW store in the next few days.

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                  You certainly can do that. However, if you'll allow me, I can help you do it over the phone. Just let me know by sending me a personal message through the forum. I'll need your name, mobile number, and a phone number to call you on (not the number of the phone we'll be working with).

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                    Could you please walk us through the steps?  I recently gave my Dad my LG Octane and he's having the same problem.  You are correct it is very frustrating.  I followed the instructions provided in Backup Assistant, however, they failed to resolve the problem.


                    To recap: I select "Remove" from the option button when selection the Backup Assistant application.  Then a trashcan appears and the phone seems to remove the application (it disappears from the list... temporarily).


                    However, when I try to find Backup Assistant on the download menu in Media Center (or whatever it's called), Backup Assistant is not there!  When I restart the phone, the Backup Assistant application returns with my old phone number in the program.  


                    There has to be a way to simply walk us through the solution to remove this zombie program!  Thanks for your help.

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                      I'm going to post this replpy for anyone that might find this post through a search...


                      to force a reset and sync of your backup assistant to your current acct...



                      1. open backup asst.

                      2. options menu - push the #5 "ABOUT" option.
                           (be sure you know your password before step #3)

                      3. on the ABOUT option page type *73738# (the star and pound signs are part of it)
                      4. the screen should reset and you should be able to restart BA, enter your

                           password, and  BA will sync with the acct and resume normal function.

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                        When I did this, it did reset Backup Assistant, but now, not only will it still not accept my pin, it took away the options menu since it's trying to "restore" for the first time. 

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Hi Irk!  I can imagine this becoming frustrating, so I’d like to help!  Are you able to view your contacts online at http://bit.ly/2jrhyT  Are you using the same device, or did you just activate a different device?  Let me know so I can further assist.  Thanks!

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