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    Samsung Smooth won't ring - Alarm Only symbol


      Our Samsung Smooth won't ring when it receives a call. It has a symbol in the lower left corner which the manual says means "Alarm Only". The phone added that while it was off. We didn't do anything to establish that option, nor have we ever set an alarm. The manual says nothing about how to remove that. We would like to be able to know when we receive a call. Does anyone know how to remove that symbol and get the phone to ring?

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          Joe L

          I would be glad to go over the volume on the Samsung device. The side volume seems to have been inadvertently pushed. Please open the flip and from main screen press the right volume key (on the side of phone) till it goes to the correct setting then press OK to save. Alarm only means there is only volume for the alarm if it is set. 


          Thank you