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    How to get applications off SD card


      I just got a new phone from my warranty and can't figure out how to get the applications I had saved on my SD card from my defective phone onto my new phone.  Both phones are HTC Incredibles.  Anyone have any idea how I can excess my SD card? Thanks!

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          I think you misunderstand how the option to save to sd card works, it is intended to save space on the device and does not mean that the app will install on the replacement device just because the card is placed in the device...


          You still have to install the application from the Market or a backup copy of the app..  If you log into the Market and press the menu / My App option you will see the apps that you already puchased and you can click them and install the app.


          You may want to invest in MyBackup app market for backup purposes for future situations like this..