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    Calendar sync on Droid x2


      Hi - Having trouble with Droid x2 calendar syncing to Google calendar.

      My phone calendar shows a number of calendars with different color codes. One entry shows up as being on the phone calendar. When I look at the settings for phone calendar it says not synced and visible. I can change the visible, but I cannot change the syncing function. Entries I make on the phone under the phone calendar do not sync with Google calendar, but some others made on the phone say they are Google calendar entries, and they do sync. Why do I need the phone calendar? How can I type all phone entries on the Google calendar???

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          Are you using the stock calendar or a 3rd party app?

          When you check under the settings area in the gmail app does it show the calendar option checked?
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            Thanks for the come-back. 1) I did have another calendar installed but removed it when this problem bugged me.

            2) I looked at menu when in the gmail and Google calendar sync apps and I cannot find what you suggest I look for.

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              If you go to MyAccounts / Google you should see a list of options with check boxes, look for the calendar option and check it if it isnt already.  A number of 3rd party calendar apps disable this to avoid conflict..

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                fubar007- I am also going to give the detailed steps below for the Droid X2 . Make sure you are able to select the calendar sync.


                Gmail Synchronization - Motorola DROID X2 MB870


                1. From a home screen, select App menu (located in the lower right).
                2. Select Gmail.
                3. Select Menu.
                4. Select Accounts.
                5. Select Menu.
                6. Select Account settings.
                7. Select Data delivery.
                8. Select Background data to enable /disable.
                  Note Enabled when a check mark is present.
                9. Select Home.
                10. Select App menu.
                11. Select Settings.
                12. Select Accounts.
                13. Select a Google account.
                14. Select any of the following to enable / disable.
                  Note Enabled when a check mark is present.
                  • Sync Contacts
                  • Sync Gmail
                  • Sync Calendar 
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                  Thanks TamaraH for your reply. It was set up that way. All steps were followed, and I did not have to make any changes. Still doesn't work. I have noted that the items in the calendar on my phone that do not sync with my outlook calendar are in "phone calendar" while those that do are in my "gmail calender".

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                    If you're saying your issue is that OUTLOOK is not syncing, you must set that up separately. Did you do that?  It requires a piece o software to be installed on your PC ..





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                      Thank you Cody 21. That was already in place. Gmail connection will not sync with "phone calendar" on phone. Could it be that "phone calendar" is a leftover from the second calendar I tried and not the original one in Droid? If so how do I reinstall the original calendar app?

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                        I see I have an app called Calendar Service 2.3.3. It looks like it contains no storage data and may be empty. Does anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it if it may cause problems?

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                          I've never used that feature (Phone Calendar) - but I see what you're talking about..  Also, I don't use the native calendar APP - I use Touch Calendar  ...   anyway, I would think that you should only use the GMAIL component and those items should all sync back and forth. So just deselect the PHONE CALENDAR piece ..  (I hope I undertsand your issue correctly).  Good luck.

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