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    4G in New Mexico


      I see that 4G LTE is in numerous cities in states around New Mexico but nothing here yet.  Nothing in Albuquerque or Santa Fe.  It is strange that they have started service in Altoona, PA but not Albuquerque, NM.    Anyone know what the delay is for New Mexico?

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          According to the 4G coming soon website, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces, New Mexico are planned for 4G LTE by the end of 2011. Any of those cities could be in the next batch of cities.
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            Joe L

            Thank you Ann154 for the reply.


            There is no hold up that is known for 4G in New Mexico. Please click here to see the map and coming soon. Another great feature of this site is you can sign up to get 4G updates and alerts.

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              Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, TX are expected to get 4G LTE on September 15, 2011


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                Why 4g in Las Cruces before Albuquerque?   Is it because of El Paso being higher priority than Albuquerque.   You would think with all the high tech firms in Albuquerque and surroundings it would be higher on Verizon's priority list.

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                  There is no rhyme or reason to how they select cities.

                  I suspect that a lot has to do with the backhaul/fiber optics available in the area.
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                    I'm almost directly between El Paso and Las Cruces at White Sands Missile Range. We do not receive a 4G signal here although we are not far from either city. Is there any chance Verizon will extend the signal to our installation? If that were to happen I could cancel my cable internet and actually utilize my phone's capabilities. Please Verizon, spread coverage just a bit farther to help the military out stuck on a semi remote installation.
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                      Smaller city = less towers.


                      Bigger city = more towers + labor + time.


                      I believe ABQ and MCI (Kansas City) are coming...


                      And if they want LTE on base then they need to put a LTE tower there.


                      If your actual base USES VZW products and services contact the enterprise account rep. and they can get it pushed up into the chain to expand service near a existing area if they can get X sales/contracts in that area.


                      Also it's limited to 5GB. @ Home I do media, streaming, video so that exceeds it easily and dev. work on mobile works nicely /w it.

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                        Well, OK... 4G is allegedly here, and the VZAccess Manager says I've got a strong signal, but I can't connect to it. If I try, I get my old friend "Error - Connection Failed". Bah. Useless.

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                          VZW announced earlier this week that Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico would be getting 4G LTE on October 20, 2011. The press releases are available under the "About Us" at the top of the Verizon Wireless website.