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    MiFi 2200 extra battery

      Is anyone selling replacement batteries for the MiFi 2200?  If so, where? 
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          Have you called Verizon yet?  I was told by them months ago that they had batteries and they weren't too expensive IIRC.
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            Verizon sells the Novatel battery (1150 mah) for $39.99.  Was curious whether someone  else sold a higher capacity battey that fits inside the MiFi.  Battery life/capacity is the weak link. 


            Since Novatel makes that MiFi 2200 for Verizon and Sprint, you would think someone would market the extra batteries.  Nothing on E-bay or anywhere else.  The battery is a LiPo 3.7 v/1150 mah, battery code 40115114.00. 

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              With a spare battery, you should get between 7 and 8+ hours of usage from your MiFi.  Only for long trips do I plug the charger into the inverters that we keep in each vehicle, obviated the issue of battery life.  The other time I generally use my MiFi is for 30 minute to 2 hour sessions, so I've no issue with the battery.  As tiny as the MiFi is, I never expected it to work all day long, away from a charger. 
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