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    backup assistant


      I have a cosmos 2

      every day when the BA tries to backup it never goes through (I am assuming because the phone is locked)

      so after I unlock the phone it works. While waiting for me to unlock the phone is using battery.


      I can't seem to turn off  the automatic backup, but the way it is working it is pretty much a manual backup

      because it does not work until I push the button.


      is there anyway to turn off the auto backup or get it to work through the phone lock?


      thanks Jim

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          I understand your concern with Backup Assistant not automatically backing up as it should!  I would be more than happy to assist!


          Just to ensure I understand you correctly, are you experiencing the issue when the phone is locked, in sleep mode or when you have the phone locked through Security settings (where you would have to enter a lock-code to unlock)?  Backup Assistant is designed to backup automatically once a day as long as the phone is powered on and has a signal.  I would like suggest removing and reinstalling the application.  I am including a link with instructions how to remove a Media Center application below:

          Remove Media Center Applications - LG Cosmos 2 VN251


          Let me know how this works out for you!

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            The keyguard is set to auto    

            and I believe the phone goes to sleep but I am not sure about that. (the screen goes black)

            when I hit the a button it says to unlock the phone by hitting OK which I do

            then the BA goes through its process.


            I do not want to uninstall the BA if I don't have to because I do not have a data plan. and don't want to pay to download it again

            besides I have turned off the option to use any data




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              Thank you Anthony for completly NOT answering the question. 

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                volcom123 wrote:

                Thank you Anthony for completly NOT answering the question. 

                Agreed. Why has this been accepted as the solution? When I select "Options" for Backup Assistant, the "Cancel Subscription" option is nowhere to be found.

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                  a lot of people seem to be having this problem yet they will not fix it.


                  It looks like an application they want to keep, so why don't they just come up with a fix that will let people do it manually.

                  because that is pretty much what happens anyway except now we have to do it manually everyday no matter what.

                  When we catch it running in the mean time it wastes the battery.

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                    Nsd, thanks for your reply. One thing I would suggest everyone try is to reset the Backup Assistant application. Then re-install the application to see if it updates on a regular basis. If you no longer want BA on the phone, there is nothing you need to do after this. Keep in mind that you will need to find an alternate way to backup your contacts, such exporting to Outlook, Gmail, etc.