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    WiFi versus 4G Lte


      I'm not sure how to ask these questions, so bear with me.


      What is the difference between WiFi and 4G Lte?


      If there is a WiFi hotspot available, should I use it instead of 4G Lte?


      If WiFi is enabled and connected, will it take priority over 4G Lte?


      Which do most apps use?


      I have an unlimited data plan so usage isn't an issue.



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          The main benefit I see is that wifi usually gives significantly better battery life since the signal is more stable.   Whenever you're connected to a wifi network, 3G or 4G LTE will drop out so you're only using wifi.  The only thing that I've seen require 3G or 4G is when sending an mms since it uses verizon's data network but that's only briefly and it switches back to wifi afterwards.