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    Beware the "Bonus 500 Text Message Promotion"


      I received a call from Verizon asking if I would be interested in upgrading my Casio Gz'one to a new phone. (I love my Casio, I went back to it after two Motoralas died miserably 4 months into the 2 year contact.)  I have been eligible for a new every two since March so I was interested in what the Rep had to say but I didn't sign up for a new phone, so instead he offered to give me 500 text messages that I would have to use within a year. I have probably sent 10 text messages in my life but i thought that was nice of him, he said it was because I have been a loyal customer since 1999 so I said sure why not.  Well today I received a confirmation email including the "Bonus" in my plan and advising me if I were to terminate before the "Bonus" expired I would be subject to a $175.00 fee!  Thankfully a nice Verizon lady by the name of Reese removed it from my account today. My loyalty will die when my Casio does, The World is a treacherous place beware of samaritans in Verizon clothing!!