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    not receiving text messages


      in the last few days, i haven't received at least two text messages that people have sent me, not verizon customers.  and that's just the ones i know about.  Has anyone else been having this problem?

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          I have just discovered why some text msgs do NOT go through.  If you have caller ID blocking turned ON and subsequently you have added *82 in front of those phone numbers that you want the person to see who you are, the *82 blocks the text msg to those phone numbers because text messaging can only handle 10 digit numbers.  OTOH, for what it's worth, if you want to block your caller ID to a single voice-call phone number just put *67 in front of that phone number.




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            We've experience some issues when my daughter had the LG Revo regarding texting.  First off I would give what JerryF suggested a try but I would also remove the battery and sim card for 2 minutes which serves as a soft boot.   If the problem continues you'll have to call VZW tech support and have do two things.


            1.  from your phone remove the messaging program from the applications.

            2.  un-install and re-install the "texting feature" of your phone.


            This should get you back up and running with your texting.  In my daughters case there were hardware issues so this was not a lasting resolution, but I've done a bunch of reading on the topic and this seems to be the best course of action.  Good luck and please report back on your progress.

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              One other small item.  See if the sender of your missed text msgs has put the old fashioned 1 in front of you area code and phone number.  If so that is the 11th digit and the text system can only handle 10 digits. 



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                Hi Ico, 


                Is this issue still happening for you?


                If so, have you had the chance to correspond with the numbers that you were not able to receive messages from? Did you find that they were putting the "1" in front of the number when sending the message? In addition, are the other customers able to send messages to everyone but your number? Have they checked with their wireless provider concerning this issue?


                I would also like to ask if you are able to receive all other messages, as well as send messages with no problem. 


                We want to make sure you are able to use your messaging service, so please let us know how things are going. 


                Thank you, 

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                  I'm having a very similar problem with my Samsung Droid Charge. 


                  Today, I learned that at least 3 texts that were sent to my phone never arrived.  Two of these were from Verizon customers, the other was from AT&T.  I have not been able to spot any pattern or trend at all, but every so often, I will learn that somebody sent me a text that I just never got. 


                  I have uninstalled all task killers, I have factory reset my phone, I've removed the battery and sim card.  It still does it. 


                  It really upsets me that I just dropped $300 on a brand new phone that has an issue that I've never even remotely had before (even going back to my Nextel days).  I drove all the way to a store today just to have them "take a look" at it (i.e., send a dummy text and ask if I've reset the phone), and then tell me that I can get a refurbished one by warranty. They claim that they've never heard of such a problem, yet you do a quick google search and you learn that it's happening  alot. 


                  Absolutely infuriating...

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                    I got my Charge in July and I didn't notice the same issue until about the end of September, but I've dealt with all aspects of Verizon, including the Network Engineers. I was having my issue with AT&T and Spring customers. After talking back and for with the Network Engineer FOR A WEEK she told me that the messages were making to the Message Center and the Message Center said that the messages were delivered even though I never received them. Moral of the Story, Verizon knows about the problem and has sent it to Samsung, so my suggestion would be that you call Verizon and get your phone part of the large and ever growing ticket to Samsung. 


                    I know exactly how you feel about paying $300 for a phone that doesn't get text messages. I was ready to go back to my Blackberry (ugh) because I never had these issues before. 


                    Hope that helps a little, you aren't the only one dealing with it 

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                      I am having that problem too. I've only noticed it happening in the last few months, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been happening longer. It is causing me problems because people think I am ignoring them...and I have no way of knowing when I don't get their messages so I can't tell them otherwise. I know for sure it has happened with a couple of people from both Verizon and AT&T, and I get MOST of their messages. I only find out that it has happened when someone has a reason to tell me they texted me, so I have no idea how often it is happening. It is very frustrating!

                      Today though I noticed a text come through (it beeped and showed the message content in the notification bar like usual), but when I unlocked the phone nothing was there. I am thinking my problem (at least with not receiving the messages) is that it might be getting them and deleting them right away.

                      I called Verizon and they didn't have any idea why it would be happening. They reset something on their end and told me to call back if it keeps happening, but I don't know how I will know if it keeps happening...

                      I agree with you. It is absolutely infuriating. It wouldn't be so bad if the other person got a notification that the text didn't go through so they would know to call me or something instead. I have no idea how many people I have offended by not answering texts I never received. I wish they would figure out what is causing this and FIX IT. Or at least let me pull up records or something of who texted and when.  

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                        MRK5052 & Betchaann,


                        You did not comment on my first two posts (from last August) that are at the beginning of this thread.


                        Did you look into trying those potential fixes that I described???


                        Who knows, they might fix you texting problems or on the other hand they may not!



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                          Jerry - I don't do caller blocking, nor do my contacts have me in their phone with a "1" in front of them.  The frequency of this problem occurring seems to be the perfect amount for Verizon and/or Samsung to not address it - just enough to enfuriate some users, but not frequently enough to have the masses recognize the flaw.  I personally have not had a confirmed instance of this for a couple of months up until two nights ago, when I missed multiple texts from the same person.

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