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    view my usage


      why is it that i cannot view ANY incoming calls......no number shows up AT  ALL.....only outgoing is displayed????? even when i call from a landline and NO CALL ID BLOCK is there - nothing??????

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          Your message is difficult to understand.  Maybe if you calm down and give us some more details, we can give you some suggestions.


          Where are you looking for incoming call information?  On your phone? On MyVerizon? On your paper billing statement?


          Are you calling your cellphone from a landline, and your cell phone is not showing your number on it's caller ID?  What type of phone do you have?


          What Verizon plan are you on?  Are you prepaid?  The information available on MyVerizon is different for prepaid customers.

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            I AM REFERRING TO "ONLINE VIEWING" as (as i have read) more than 15 others are stating the same problem.....Online you cannot view INCOMING calls only outgoing....please dont assume that caps=anger it could simply mean emphasis....at any rate there seems to be systematic issues with this up until 2weeks ago all was fine when viewing my calls if there is any useful information on solving the problem then please pass it along.....

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              I just logged in to MyVerizon and clicked on "Usage Details" under the green meters on the front page, and then "View Call Details."  I can see all of my incoming calls for the current cycle, and if I view my bill for a previous cycle, incoming calls are also listed.


              Have you contacted Verizon to see if there could be any issue with your account?  Also, it is fairly common for some data to take 24-48 hours to be fully updated on your account, because of the delay between you making or receiving the call and Verizon getting all of the neccessary information back from the various exchanges the call may have gone through.

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                I see you are on a pre-paid plan. I would say THAT is the issue and detail is not available for prepaid plans.

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                  Hello forum members,


                  I want to thank everybody for their input and suggestions on this topic. It is greatly appreciated. Anybody, I noticed that it wasn't specified if you were using a prepaid service or a postpaid account. Prepaid service calls are documented differently than postpaid calls. If you are  still having this issues, feel free to send me a private message with your full name, mobile number, & a brief summary of the issue. I will address this as soon as possible.


                  Thank you...

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                    JUST to add- this problem JUST STARTED within the last 2weeks- prior to that my "PREPAID" plan did allow me to view incoming calls- when i contacted verizon the rep explained that there IS a glitch that is currently being experienced with a few plans and that it will hopefully be resolved soon and that it has nothing to do with the plan whether it be prepaid or monthly billing "INCOMING" is always availiable for viewing....just passing this on so that the next person might find this helpful--- call verizon they usually can get to the bottom of the issue better