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    Two Droid Incredible 2s? What?


      I have decided I'm going to upgrade my phone to a Droid Incredible 2 mainly because it's cheaper than the other smartphones Verizon has. So I was all set until I saw a different phone that had the same title (Droid Incredible 2) listed there. It was sleeker and looked a lot more like the Thunderbolt only skinnier-not width though, length.


      Here's exactly what it said:


      DROID Incredible 2 by HTC^3:

      -rounder edges with the home/back/etc buttons at the very bottom of the screen



      HTC Droid Incredible 2:

      -Sleeker in design

      -same screen size

      -has HTC sense? (have no idea what this means)

      -has the iphone-like circular button at the bottom

      -the home/back/etc buttons looks like they are about half an inch, little less from the bottom of the screen.



      I tried to describe it to you as much as I can and as necessary since I don't even know if I post pictures here.

      I like the HTC Droid Incredible 2 because of its sleeker design-and it's one dollar cheaper oh joy :smileyhappy: - but I want to know why are they different if they have basically the same name.




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          My brother upgraded to the Droid Incredible 2 by HTC and he has not put it down since. It's a GREAT smartphone especially for the price it is now! I would definitely go with that one. All Google phones aka Droids, are open source which means they are more customizable than an iPhone 4. They will do a lot more of what you want and need than the iPhone - not knocking the iPhone. It's just a known fact that Google has created a phone that will allow you to build your own apps whereas iPhone 4 makes you buy all theirs from the Apple store - which is bull.

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            But I still don't get what's the difference. There really is a difference between those two becaues the pictures of the phones are clearly different from one another. 

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              I only see one Droid Incredible 2 by HTC listed. Where are you looking?

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                Yeah they sound like the same phone to me. Both made my HTC and HTC wouldn't create the same phone for 2 different ads.

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                  When I looked it up in Google the second HTC Droid Incredible 2 apparently is the upgraded version of the original Droid Incredible 2 (the first one in my description of both). The HTC Droid Incredible 2 has a little red slit on the top and looks more like the iphone than the original one which is more roundish and thicker i guess you could say.


                  I've been trying to look up the upgraded version on Verizon and some other retailer stores but I couldn't find it except in Walmart. So if anyone knows the actual name of teh upgraded version, if there is one, then I'd be really happy to know what it is.

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                    I think what you're actually seeing is the original Droid Incredible.  The original version had red highlights, including the speaker, and was somewhat smaller with different styling.  I'm not sure if there's an error on the page, or if you've just misread the product description.


                    If you're out for an original Incredible (still a good little phone), I'd look for one used.  They're fairly plentiful and reasonably priced.