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    how do I change my phone number?


      I moved to a new city and would like to get a phone# with my new area code.


      If I try this online I get to 'change phone number' page which only allows me to select exchanges in my current area code.


      Do I really have to drive to a store to do this?


      I cannot for the life of me find an 800# or any contact info on the vzw website,

      and if I try 'send an email', after selecting that I get a bill it instead goes to a support forum page, not send email page!


      Is this just poor website design or is verizon trying to hide contact phone#s to reduce support costs?



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          You may need to change your primary usage address to your new address in the new city. Once that change has been completed, then maybe the the online change phone number system will select exchanges from the new area code.

          You can also call customer service from a different phone at 1-800-922-0204.
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            Hello Erbium,


            Have you successfully changed your number to the appropriate area code?  If you still need assistance please PM me with your name, mobile number and an alternate call back number so I may further assist you.  Thank you.