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    My phone is broken


      Hello. I have call about my phone several time and all I get told is I need a debit/credit card to have my phone replace. I didn't need a debit/credit card when I got my phone. So why do I need it to have it replace? I have been with out my phone for over a month now and no one from your company wants to help me out and I am so ready to change my carrier. I don't have a debit/credit card. I even pay my bill by cash. I would like my phone back. I would like so help. Thank you.

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          A number of carriers are doing this now, by the way what issue are you having with the device?


          I usually notice this method used for when a new device is being sent to replace a damage devices that may seem to had been damaged by methods that may not be covered under warranty so the CS usually charge customer for device and then credit back the amount after they verify the warranty item.