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    Text messages will not send. LG Revo.


      Sometimes while trying to send text messages (Even to others on Verizon) the text WILL NOT send at all, I will have to copy and paste and try and resend the text and if that doesn't work I will have to reboot my phone. This usually happens to me anywhere between two and five times a day.


      It isn't anything with my phone, I've gotten a replacement phone two other times for other problems, but those phones that I got replaced had the same problem of not sending texts (They both were Revolutions).


      Why are texts not sending!?




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          Just as a note, When I say it happens two to five times a day, I'm talking about having to re-boot my phone, texts not sending happens WAY more than that probably 50 plus times a day.

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            Joe L

            How very frustrating  having those delays in sending text messaging. I would hate to have to continually pull my battery to send messages. I have lifted this problem up to LG and our product investigative team to research this. How is your signal strength? How many bars do you have when you experience these delays? Please delete all old text messages and retest. Are you using a text message application like Hancent? Please repost so we can get to the bottom of this right away.


            Thank you

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              I have the same problem. I dont use a program, just the normal text messaging preinstalled on the phone. I have to turn off and pull out my battery to send messages from 20-50 times a day. VERY frustrating!! :-/

              I hope they fix this issue!! 

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                This keeps happening to me also. I went up to Verizon and they sent me a like new phone and the problem is still happening. I am so annoyed with this problem and irritated that the issue is not fixed yet. I am very close to going up to Verizon and requesting to switch to a totally new phone. I spend good money on the lg revolution to find out that the sending of text messages is a huge problem. 


                Please if anyone knows how to fix this problem let us know!

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                  Im having the same issue.. its REALLY becoming a problem the past couple weeks as i text fast and a lot.. ill send about 5 texts back to back to someone and then text someone else and the very first of the 5 will send then everything else is held up -- but texts still come IN to me.. restarting my phone multiple times a day.. frown.

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                    I have been having the same issue and I was using the default text app on the Revo. I have to send 40-50 text messages at a time for my job and they usually exceed 160 characters. When I send the texts, it freezes up my phone from sending texts for the rest of the day. (E.g. I will send a text at 2pm and most of the people on my mass text list will not receive the text until 3am!) I went to the Verizon store and they did a hard reset on my phone. I have still had the same issue with the phone and contacted the store again. They have sent me a Certified Like New Phone. While waiting on this phone to come, a friend recommended the app, Handcent. I downloaded the app and tried it out. At first it seemed to help. I went from having my phone locked up for over half the day to only an hour and a half. However, I've been using the Handcent app as my main app and I am still having the same delay issue and it's getting worse. I've switched to the Certified Like New warranty phone and guess what...I'm still having the same problem. This is simply UNACCEPTABLE! I need a solution fast! My job depends on this!

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                      Hello ecooleye,


                      I have completed some internal research into the messaging concern you have discussed.  In certain instances we have replaced the SIM card in the device.  I would like to investigate the account itself further to come to a resolution. Please PM your name and cell # and I can work with your to make your messages send more consistently. 

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                        Useless phone, what a waste of my money!

                        I have the same issue.  I'm so over this ****** phone.  I used to have the droid 1 and that phone was miles better than this revolution.


                        It resets randomly throughout the day, doesn't send texts regularly throughout the day...this phone has issues.  On top of that, Verizon preloads all these ****** applications that no one uses, cant be uninstalled, and open on their own, therefore using and draining battery.  I get a two hour lifespan on my battery while not even using it or simply texting.


                        Another question is why verizon hasn't updated the android version for this.  on the current version, the front facing camera is useless and can't be accessed by any third party applications so I can't skype with it.


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                          Wow, oh man what a relief it is to stumble across this page.  I have been dealing with this for an entire month now and am on my 4th revolution , recieved it 48 hours ago, and am recieving a new one in about 14 hours or so, and I already know its going to have the exact same issues.  The worst issue of all is the texts not sending, only with a manual restart, or multiple manual restarts, absolutely unacceptable for a cell phone in this day and age.  This problem should have been fixed LONG ago at this point because I have been having this issue since square 1. 


                          The next absolutely horrible issue with this phone that I have experienced on all 4 devices so far, is the fact that things like weather, stocks, news, facebook/twitter widget, hardly EVER auto-update.  The weather also always displays the incorrect location on every device I have gone through so far and that is with all location settings on.  I filed a trouble ticket with verizon for these issues Sept 2nd. and was told to go to the store for a replacement because its a device issue, but it is the same on every single one. 


                          The next issue is force closing.  Messaging and facebook especially.  Facebook never allows for a smart select contact sync, it force closes at the end everytime on every device I have had so far.  Messaging also force closes at least about 8 times a day I would say. 


                          I am seriously fed up with this phone.  I have never had such an unpleasant experience with a piece of technology, the thing is making me sick, like I spend every day trying to figure out whats wrong with it lol.


                          I also let all this be known to LG in a thread which was basically identical to this one, which can be found here for any one interested. http://www.lgforum.com/forum/boards/carriers/verizon/topics/lg-revolution-text-and-e-mail-problems


                          Im at the point where if this next revolution has the exact same issues I am going into the store and demanding a Droid Charge or Bionic, becuase this is unacceptable to say the absolute least for a phone with a retail price of almost a grand.


                          Sorry to be rude and everything but please help...

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