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    SMS Error code 97?


      Poked around on the internet and have found similar problems to mine in that I can't send text messages. It seems random. Mostly when I'm at home, where the signal isn't very strong, but also won't send once I leave the house. Regardless, it should send a text message on a slow network as well...Not sure if I'm receiving texts during the time...


      I will try to send a text to which it will come back with an error message and ask if I want to retry. No matter how many times I retry or move around, the text won't send and eventually the phone will give up. I've gotten an error code 97 with class code 2 before, but most other threads I've seen about this problem are a different error code...

      I've tried soft reset, hard reset, and calling Verizon to reactivate the phone...nada. Using the native HTC messaging app.


      I've had the phone for about two months now and never had this problem before, nor with any other Verizon phone, including my awful Eris.


      Haven't noticed any other issues with the phone other than occasionally getting voicemails with no missed calls several hours after the fact.