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    3G to 1x


      Since the update, I keep getting dropped data (if that's a term). It will be 3G with 3-4 bars, and the site will be loading, and it just blanks out with 0 bars for about 2 minutes, and then go to 1x with 1-2 bars, yet the site will still not load. This especially is happening when I'm listening to Pandora. It will be 3G music playing, stil 3G but music stops, 0 bars no music, 1x 1-2 bars no music, 1x 3-4 bars then to 3G 1 bar with still no music. There will be no music playing for at least a good 5 minutes unless I click next music.


      This has never happened before since the update. I am grandfathered in to the unlimited 3G so they can't be slowing down the speed to let me know I'm almost over my purchased MB. I'm in the city, in an area that I know and see 3G with 4 bars.


      Before the update, the 3G goes down to 1x then back to 3G, Pandora will usually begin music right away, in less than a minute. But now it's taking more than 5 minutes. 


      Is this happening to anybody? Or is it just me? Could it be the signal in the area? An antennae issue in the phone? I prefer listening to an entire song, not just the first 5 words, and having to end it.

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          It sounds like you had a somewhat weak signal before since you said it regularly went from 3G to 1X regularly and when the software was updated the radio that was installed with the software recieves data diffrently, this happens a lot when updates happen on a device.  Try dialing *228 and #2 and see if updating roaming helps, if not try *228 and option #1..

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            My signal wasn't as weak as it was prior to the newest ED05 update. I tried *228 #1 and #2 - same problems. Data just seems to be slower, lags in a way, and just disconnects. Only if you close, and reopen it would be normal again for it to slow down again. As for Pandora, you would have to either Quit app or hit next song, but it would stop playing a few seconds into the song despite it saying 3G 1-2 bars. 

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              Actually this is starting to sound like a low resources situation.. Have you tried System Panel and check and see if you have a stray app using a large amount of RAM or bandwith.