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    Unlocking a BlackBerry Bold 9650


      I have had a BlackBerry for currently a few months now. Im going to Travel/Work abroad and I was wondering how to unlock the BlackBerry Bold for use with other SIM cards. I understand that Verizon has Global plans, but if I'm going to be in another country I thought to get a SIM card to be cheaper. But from talking to a Verizon employee and RIM they said Verizon has the phone locked when I purchased it. But when talking to the employee they said they could do it for a fee. I don't want to pay for a service that should of already been done when I recieved the phone. Could someone show me how to do it? Or where to get it unlocked?



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          Try calling Global Travel Program @ 800-711-8300 and tell them you want to unlock your Bold 9650 for international use.  They should not charge you anything for this service and (assuming your account is in good standing) there should be no problem with them providing the proper code.


          Good luck.