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        In the box that holds all your RBTs the Trash Can is at the bottom of that window next to the "new jukebox" button. You'll need to drag it there to delete.
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          hrea wrote:
          I can't figure out how to get rid of a ringback tone.  A person at customer service told me to drag the tone to the garbage bin at the bottom of the page, but I can't find the garbage bin.  Any suggestions?

          Go to your account at MyVerizon, and click the Ringback tones tab about the middle of the page (Under features and downloads).  That link will take you to a page where you can link to My Ringback Tones or just click the word "Manage" on the little chart.  From there it should be self-explanatory.



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            Hello I know your ? has been answered very well by two other awesome people, but I just wanted to add one little thing for others who come to read your msg and find their answer in other replies. RINGBACK TONES or RBT for short actually may not be deleted from your account until 1 year from the date they were first purchased. You may of course CHANGE your RBT if you don't like the one your callers currently hear but you will still have a RBT for @ least 1 year when you buy them. The other thing about RBT's is if you need to do a warranty exchange of your phone for the same model, the RBT are stored on VZW site not your old phone. So you still have them. Depending on what type of phone you exchanged you may go to MY VERIZON online and you will find the MY MEDIA RETRIEVAL which will have a list of all of your downloads: MUSIC, RINGTONES, & RBT's. Sometimes it does not work to download from the above site but try and search the FORUM for other ideas. I hope this info was useful.