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    New Service, Cell Phone, Home Phone and Internet


      What a beginning with Verizon and in many ways, what a mistake. Our Cell Phones and Internet were Alltel and home phone was Frontier. We decided to bundle with Verizon. We asked the salesperson prior if there was service for phone and internet in our area, he checked and said there was so we went with it.

         Then reality set in when we received the new products from FedEx. The Cell Phones worked but the Internet did NOT. When we contacted them, they said there was no service in our area. The towers were not for us. Since the internet would not work, neither would the wireless home phone. So the original salesperson deceived us into thinking there was service here.

          Then we returned the Internet Cards as well as the wireless home phone device. Then we get a bill for the internet as well as home phone set up. The set up was supposed to be FREE as stated by the salesperson as well. When we called Verizon about the Internet Charges as well as the Home Phone Charges, they said we owed money for these services... What, we cancelled all the same day we received them. They were returned because they did not have the service they promised. They were not used. They also charged us for using the Internet Air Cards on dates when we didn't even have them. We proved they charged or showed us using the cards when they were actually in the possession of FedEx on return.

          In short, they lied, they tried stealing money from us, tried forcing us to pay money for their mistakes and lies. Currently we have only the Verizon Cell phone service but I can assure you, we will watch every bill and every charge and will not let them steal from us again. They will also be reported to the better business bureau for their attempts to steal, threaten us into paying and lieing about their records.