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    Wifi Connected but no Internet access


      I just recived my new Incredible 2 3 days ago.  I was excited about finally being able to talk the wife into getting on a data plan so I could have a nice new smart phone.  I figured that I spend most of my time at home or at work (in a large hospital) and both places have wifi.  My home network is pw protected and I was able to set up my home wifi connection fairly easily.  But my work connection (which is an open network) has given me fits. 

      When I turn on my wifi radio, it scans and finds my work network and lists it as OPEN.  I click on that network and it retreives an IP address and then states that it is connected.  I get full wifi bars on the top bar.  I know from past experiences that this network requires a web screen accept these terms and conditions agree button push, but my phone doesn't prompt me to that website.  When I try to open the web browser to get to that prompt page it gives me an error message saying the web page is not available.  Stateing the webpage at "long link that should point to the authorization webscreen" might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.  Initially I thought that this might just be an android thing.  But one of my supervisors has and EVO and he can connect fine.  When he connects to the wifi server, it will either prompt him that he needs to sign in, or when he opens his browser it brings him right to that page.  Another co-worker had a Samsung Facinate and he was able to connect just fine.  I have also seen multiple folks connect fine with Apple products on this same network.

      I have tried about every option on my phone that I can find to help get me on the network including, forgetting the network, clearing caches, battery out - reboot, downloading apps that detect wifi connections that need a log in screen, disableing pop up blocking, going into airplane mode and back out,  all to no avail. 

      I have used other free open wifi hotspots in the area with no problem.  The McDonalds network poped up a screen when I connected, and the Starbucks network allowed me to get to their log in screen just fine. 

      Anyone else out there have any simmilar problems, or any ideas on how to get this rectified?

      Running android 2.3.3 sense 2.1   Software # 3.02.605.1


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          I would check with the IT department at the hospital.  Sometimes, there are devices that are not approved to connect to the network.  Because your phone is relatively new compared to the other phones that you mentioned, your phone may need to be added to the list of approved devices. 


          This is just  a guess on my part.  I wish you luck with the connection.

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            Hello Kschultz,


            I appreciate you for going into great detail on your concern as well as what troubleshooting steps that you have taken. I agree with 21stnow as to what the next step should be in resolving this issue. Based on the info that you have provided, the wi-fi technology on the device is working properly. You were able to connect to other networks successfully, Starbuck's & McDonald's, without an issue. Do you know if any of your co-workers have an Incredible 2 & are experiencing this issue? I strongly encourage that you reach out to your company's IT dept so they can evaluate the situation. Also, as a favor to the community, may I ask that you post the results from t he communication from IT so better our knowledge?


            Thank you...

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              I am having this same problem and have not found a solution.  I've consulted Verizon and my company's tech team to no avail.  I keep checking this site for updates, hoping that someone has found a solution.  Anyone?