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    Problems with Blackberry App World


      Anyone had problems connecting with Blackberry App World after updating to version  I keep getting the error message, "Blackberry AppWorld is having trouble connecting to the Blackberry App World server.  Verify your network connections and try again."  The first thing I tried was a battery pull with no luck.  Next, I actually verified my connections by running a full diagnostic network test and all was good.  I then uninstalled and then reinstalled the app, but the same result appeared.  The previous version of App World worked fine until I upgraded.


      I was reading on other forums at Blackberry.com others are having this same problem.  If anyone has any ideas, I'm open for suggestions.


      Ps.  I'm on a 8130 pearl with OS v4.5.0.160. 

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          From what you describe it sounds like this is more of an issue on the BB App World side than on the end user side.  Everyything you've done is pretty much what I would've suggested.  My personal opinion is that it's not your phone since others are having the same issue.
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            I believe you are correct.  After looking through the forums at Blackberry.com, this issue seemed to be with a lot of people who upgraded the App World program.  I guess for now, just wait until Blackberry releases an update.  Thanks...

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              Not a problem Doc.  Something to keep in mind too is that everytime something new gets released or an update comes out for an already good app, people flock to it like flies on doo doo for the download which of course has a tendancy to overwhelm the servers, hog bandwidth, and keep end users such as yourself who already got their update from even being able to connect and use it until the high traffic situation has subsided.  Cheers friend.