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    ALLTEL tower agreements


      Customer service told me that the reason I'm not getting the same coverage as when I had ALLTEL, is that verizon only uses their towers and their agreements.  Since the change over, my coverage is no where as good as with ALLTEL.


      verizon - will you PLEASE re-instate the ALLTEL tower agreements!

        Signed - a former very happy, very long term ALLTEL customer

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          I still have a couple of old Alltel phones which (although deactivated for service) still display current time and signal strength indicator. I routinely have 5 bars showing on the Alltel phones and only 1 or occasionally 2 on the new Verizon phones. When I brought this up to CS they said they could fix that with a simple computer entry that would cause my Verizon phones to default to the Alltel tower rather than the apparently much weaker Verizon tower. In each instance (3 promises) they said the improvement would take effect within 48 hours. So far, 2 weeks later, NO improvements have been made. Still get numerous dropped calls and was surprised to find that Verizon actually claims (admits) to charging for them. Alltel's billing statements always showed the exact number of minutes of dropped calls - which they certainly DID NOT charge for.