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    USB551L error message WMC104


      I'm running Windows 7 and I've installed the latest version of VZ Access Manager from http://vzam.net download site.  VZAM is able to detect my device and sees my mobile number and I can see my signal strength.  But when I attempt to connect to WWAN, I get the error message WMC104.  Has anyone found a fix for this?

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          I'm running into the exact same problem John. I've spent a good portion of my day with the Verizon techs and no solution yet! Have you found anything out?
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            Call Verizon and make sure your account is provisioned correctly with the SIM card activated (ISMI#) either by youself on vzw.com or CSR if you don't know how to get the SIM card serial # (ISMI#) (the 89 digit number set) off the card.

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              I, too, have the USB551L and have had trouble getting the device to work.  My first issue was that the CD with VZAccess Manager that came with the device was out of date.  I loaded the newest version from the VZW website and got past that first hurdle.  I, then, however, just when I thought the thing was finally going to work, got the "WMC104" error! 


              I have searched and searched the internet and various forums and found nothing to correct the problem yet.  Perhaps I am an *****, but I spent the last 20 minutes trying to find where on the VZW website I can verify the status of my SIM card and have been unable to find it.  Can anyone help?


              When I purchased the device at a VZW store, I was told by the salesman all I should have to do is go home, install the VZAccess Manager software, and the device was all ready to go.  I am skeptical at this point, but do not know where to go to find out what I can do.


              I did contact Tech Support on the phone when I was having the first problem and the person I spoke with was of no help at all.  I figured that one out on my own.  SIGH- Please, HELP!




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                Hello im2fedup,


                If you have Windows 7, a fix to the WMC 104 error is as follows:


                1. Open the device manager on the computer by right clicking on My computer and opening properties

                2. Open universal serial bus controllers and right click on the first usb root hub listed. Open properties

                3. Open power management and make sure "allow computer to turn off device to save power" is UNCHECKED. Click OK and try to make a connection through VZAccess Manager.


                If you do not have Windows 7, my references tell me that this error resulted when using the USB device with Win XP SP2 OS. The resolution of the issue is to install all the hot fixes for Win XP SP2 or upgrade to Win XP SP3.


                Please post back with your results, thanks very much! 

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                  I currently am trying to run my Verizon USB Modem 551L and receiving the same error on Windows XP, but I have Service Pack 3 already installed.


                  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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                    I talked with Verizon Second Level support.   If you are on Service pack 3, have your computer connected to the internet by another means and go into [Device Manager] and select the Novatel {?} driver.   Double click the driver that will have a ? mark.   Then do a reinstall of the driver and this should resolve the issue.


                    This may work for Windows 7, I have not tested yet in that OS.



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                      Are these Verizon USB Modems really having that many Problems? I went to the  Reviews Page after I placed my oder for it and noticed that most of the people who reviewed it gave it an Over All Rating of Two Stars! It was the only one I could Purchase, However because Verizon is Blocking Sales of the Pantech 4G LTE USB Modem for my Zip Code! Just wondering if I made a Mistake buying the Verizon USB Modem?


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                        I got that same error when I tried to use the Device on Windows 8 Beta 1 (Customer Preview)!

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                          Hello ChristinaB_VZW,


                          Thanks for the fix, this worked for me on a Toshiba P505D running Windows 7 Home Premiun SP1,    

                          for USB551L.  Is there any other place to look up WCM--- messages other than the internet forum?


                          David Atkins

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