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    WiFi ( 802.1x EAP TTLS PAP ): Unable to connect since 2.3.3 update


      I previously posted this on the Motorola Owner's Forum and am still waiting for a fix or at least an official confirmation of the problem. 


      Ever since the 2.3.3 update, I have been unable to connect to the wireless network at work.  The connection worked fine prior to the update.  The connection at home with WPA still works fine. 


      The network status cycles through the following sequence:


      Connecting to <network>...

      Obtaining IP address from <network>...



      The corporate configuration is as follows:

      Security: 802.1x

      EAPEAP method: TTLS

      Phase 2 authentication: PAP

      CA certificate: (unspecified)

      User certificate: (unspecified)

      Use proxy server: (unchecked) 


      When I go into Manage Networks and select Modify network for the configuration, I find that Phase 2 authentication always shows None.  If I change it to PAP and then click Save, the setting does not stick: the next time I check the configuration, it is None. 


      I've done a factory reset.  I've configured the network settings with WiFi Advanced Configuration Editor.  I've configured the network settings with WiFiConfig Editor Pro.  All to no avail. 


      Please help.  I need to be able to connect to the corporate network.  If there is a known issue, it would be nice if someone would at least confirm it. Thank you.

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          My original Droid actually worked with the Andriod 2.0 release, but 2.1 broke it and it hasn't worked since.  I believe the Android codebase DID fix this, however Verizon has not made it a priority to include the fix in their releases.  I now have a Droid 4 running 2.3.6 and it is still broken.  Many of my coworkers have this same issue, but ONLY THE ONES ON VERIZON!  Other carriers have apparently figured out how to port this fix into their releases, regardless of which Android phone. 


          Come on Verizon, fix this so we can stop wasting your 4G bandwidth!!!