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    16gb iphone 4 for Verizon, is 2gb data plan enough?

      So i plan on buying the iphone 4 16gb for verizon. the $30 2GB data plan is what i want to get but i dont understand how much internet time that is. Can someone help me out? or explain what you have and if its plenty or not? (my house has wifi too if that helps)
      im 17yrs old. i have a itouch (wifi only obviously) and occasionally use facebook and things like FML app and things like that. sooo help me out with understanding all of this? pleasee and thank you.
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          Well..... If you are using WIFI at home then the 2 GB plan would... Should be enough. I don't use WIFI on mine ever. I am a FB junkie and I do Utube I game all the time and I use well less than 2 GB. Go for it if you end up needing more it is only $10.00 per GB over so if you use a little more it's not a drastic increase.

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            Thanks for the input Calmitdown42,


            Here is a link to assist in determining an estimate of how much data is accessed based on what services are being used.




            Once this link is accessed, there are three options to choose from. They are Smartphone, 3G Mobile Broadband, and 4G Mobile Broadband. Once a data service is selected, you have the option to select the time from in which you want to measure, Per Day or Per Month. Also, in the lower right-hand corner is a legend that provides guidelines as to how much data each action uses. Of course this info varies depending on website, emails with attachments, size of a picture(s), etc. 


            If you need a second opinion on which data package to choose, feel free to reply to this message.


            Thank you...