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    Repeating text alerts




         Does anyone know how to change my text alert sound so that when I dont hear it the first time it will sound off again until I check the message? Basic phones have this feature so Im bummed that I cant get my fancy phone to do the same.  Freinds are frustrated with me not answering messages until hours later when I pick the phone up for other reasons and discover I have one.  I would appreciate any suggestions




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          Hello ginad4,


          I totally understand the need of being alerted when messages are pending. With the original Droid Incredible, your LED light should flash green when you have a pending notification. Go to Messages > Menu > Settings > Notifications >  Make sure that message notifications are enabled. This way if you miss a text message, your notification LED light will be flashing. This is the best option to be aware of pending messages as there is not a reminder alert when a message is pending.


          Additionally, attached is the Owners Manual for additional information. http://cache.vzw.com/multimedia/mim/htc_incredible/incredible.pdf




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            There are applications in the Android Market that provide a repeating audible notification tone for text messages, missed calls, etc. Do a search for "missed call" and you will find several options for you to try.