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    Switching Phone numbers between plan members phones?


      Foundation: I have family plan with 2 phones and new every 2. . My phone is not due for upgrade for another year. My wife's phone is due for an upgrade now. She likes my phone and I want a new phone. Question: Can I Get the new phone I want on her upgrade and once I recive it have her number transferred to my existing phone and my number transferred to the new phone?

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          You can keep the number you have and use her upgrade.

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            Thank you budone for your feedback. You are correct in saying that sjclark11 can use his wife's upgrade eligibility to get a new phone for his line.




            You can process an alternate upgrade using your wife's upgrade eligibility to get a new phone for your line. By doing so, the new phone will be ordered directly for your line and when it arrives it will be ready to activate on your line. You will not have to go through the process of activating it on your wife's line first and then switching it to your line. You can process the alternate upgrade online, at a store or via Customer Service.


            To process an alternate upgrade online, please sign-in using your Account Owner Number and password via the following link and follow the instructions below:  


            1. Click on "Upgrade” icon located under “Device” in the “I Want To” section at the bottom of your home page.

            2. Once you are at the "Upgrade My Phone" screen, please follow the steps below:

            3. Choose the wireless telephone number(s) to upgrade. If you would like to upgrade your wireless phone using the eligibility of another wireless number on your account, click on “Transfer upgrade from another line” link.

            4. Select the line from which you would like the upgrade transferred and click “Continue.”

            5. Browse through the different phone options, and once you have decided, left-click on the device of choice.

            6. Next, click on the icon that reads “Add to Cart”.

            7. Follow the prompts to choose any Accessories and continue until your order is complete.


            Hope this information was helpful.