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    Samsung Gem SCH-i100 Support




      I am new to this community so please forgive me if this is an improper venue for requesting support. I recently purchased a Samsung Gem SCH-i100 from a Verizon affiliated wireless device store (July 2nd 2011). Upon connecting the device to my PC for the first time I registered my device with Samsung. I proceeded through their website registration steps, and was notified that there was an android update for my device (Version 2.2.2 Build FROYO.EE03). I followed the steps and installed the software provided from Samsung, the device manufacturer (July 29th 2011).


      My device is now useless except for sending and receiving calls. 3G does not work. Data does not work. Marketplace does not work.


      I have tried: 


      • Rebooting the phone
      • Removing/Reinserting Battery
      • Clearing Marketplace Data
      • Clearing Marketplace Cache
      • Clearing Google Framework Service Data
      • Clearing Google Framework Service Cache
      • Toggling Wireless
      • Toggling Data
      • Full Factory Reset


      Samsung does not provide any method to rollback the version of android, displays no warranty or service options when attempting to have the device serviced on their website, and what's worse, Verizon doesn't even list the phone as a supported model, even though it says Verizon on the phone and was purchased at a Verizon affiliated store, brand new (and at full MSRP, I might add).


      What am I supposed to do now? I have an android smart phone not even a month old that is useless, and is not supported by Samsung OR Verizon. I feel as though I was mislead into considering this device as an "upgrade" from my Samsung Intensity II, and after receiving "support" from the device manufacturer I am now left with an unusable product.


      Can anyone help me?

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          Did you reactivate the phone in a location with a strong Verizon signal? Dial *228, option 1 and follow the prompts. Then dial *228, option 2 to update the PRL.
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            Thank you for the quick response.


            I performed both steps as directed. A verbal and visual confirmation that the steps had been completed successfully were received.


            The problem still exists.


            - 3G non-existent. No data.  No browsing. (Although the "3G" icon in the task bar now flashes at random and vanishes)


            - Marketplace app returns "Server error has occurred" and will not execute.



            How can Verizon not list this device as a supported handset while they are selling it?

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              Verizon isn't selling it. Third party retailers are.

              Where are you located? Perhaps you are in an extended data area or there is a tower down?
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                I stand corrected. Yes, third party retailers are selling it, although with a large Verizon logo on the front of the phone and boot-up screen, it can be a little unsettling to see it unsupported by the carrier of the same name within a month of its purchase date.



                I have another Verizon handset (Droid X2) sitting next to the Gem on my desk, with full coverage and 3G.

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                  When you say unsupported what do you mean? Have you called tech support to see what is going on?


                  Also you said you paid full retail, So you paid $220 for that phone? Is it too late to return it?


                  What about the sd card, take that out and do a master reset. Then call tech support

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                    I mean that it isn't listed under the supported devices section of the Verizon website. I am outside of the 14-day return period forreturning the handset. Will I have better luck with over-the-phone tech support or should I visit a Verizon store in person?  I have no experience with either. What do you recommend?

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                      I would try customer service over the phone before going to a store. Dial 1-800-922-0204 from a different phone. Press option three for tech support.

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                        This sounds like exactly what I did. Take to a Verizon Store (Can't be a 3rd party) and tell them what happened.


                        They will play with it for about 10 minutes to try and fix it....Say the words "software glitch" and mail you a new one under your warranty. (You are still in the 1 year Samsung warranty and since the download was from Samsung and Verizon didn't "block" it, they will honor it.) You may have to pay for shipping depending on how fast you want it. (I did because it's my main phone...$14.95 for FexEx 10:30 next day in Ohio.)


                        They are really cool about it. The first tech where I went hadn't seen one before.


                        Hope this helps

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                          Same exact thing has happened to mine. From what I've learned the update from the Samsung site is for the US Cellular model ONLY. But NOWHERE on the Samsung site does it say that.

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